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Vasiliki town hall - Agiofili beach

A walk of 1,045m, taking 18 minutes and graded 1.5 for difficulty. We proceed along the provincial road from Vasiliki to Syvros and when we get to the Antelikos stone fountain we take a path to the right. All along it the walker can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the unspoiled natural landscape. This is a relatively easy walk for lovers of nature, and can also be a pleasant ride for cyclists. The visitor mustn’t forget to take a walk around the Dafni park, just 200m from the entrance to the village.

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Necessary equipment: the basic recommended items + towel and swimming costume
C J T: Net walking time

C J T  
00:00 We park at the parking area of the Vasiliki town hall (GPS: N38 37 751, E20 36 376, H=2m)  Vasiliki town hall - Agiofili beach (Start) and head into the centre of the village, walking along parallel to the shore. Between 11 and 26 June an international sports festival is held here, with competitive and parallel events - most of them held in the local harbour. We make our way to the other side of the harbour, where we find an asphalt path going upwards. As a rule, during this walk we should keep the sea to our right and ignore any paths branching off to the left.
00:02 We arrive in front of the school and leave it to our left, proceeding along a road paved with stone blocks, keeping the sea to our right.
00:06 We walk along the line of the shore, leaving behind us the tourist shops and tavernas on our left, until we reach the limits of the harbour and follow an uphill asphalt road, the only way of proceeding along the shore.
00:11 We come to a small paved area with a bench where we can pause to admire the view. We then continue, leaving behind us a hotel on the left and ascending the same asphalt road.
00:14 We come to the end of the asphalt road and continue uphill to the right along a cement road until we come to a small pumping station on the right; on its wall the way to Agiofili has been indicated with spray paint.
00:18 We reach the top of the ascent and continue along a dirt track, now leading downhill towards the sea. In the distance Ithaca and Kefalonia can be seen.
00:29 We are now at the entrance of a private driveway leading to a house and so we continue to the left, uphill along the cement road, leaving the wire fence behind us to the righ.
00:30 Small signs to the left indicate the way to the beach.
00:35 We now come to a junction and head down the dirt track heading down to the right.
00:37 Another junction, where it is important to take the fork to the right.
00:40 Here we come to a fence with a gate in it, but we can bypass this by taking the small path to the right and heading downhill.
00:45 After several sharp bends as we proceed downhill we find ourselves at a dead end, with a stairway of steep cement steps. After descending 74 of these steps we feel our feet sinking into soft sand, and a reviving plunge into the crystal clear waters is just moments away! (GPS: N38 36 348, E20 36 755, H=1m).  Vasiliki town hall - Agiofili beach (End)

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