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Neda waterfalls, a forgotten paradise

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How to go
Route: Athens- Neda Fountains Route map. The road route from Athens to Neda fountains. The kilometrical distance and time needed.
Route: Thessaloniki -Neda FountainsRoute map. The road route from Thessaloniki  to Neda fountains. The kilometrical distance and time needed.
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In the south part of Ancient Olympia, in the borders of Ilia and Messinia in Peloponnese and very close to Ancient Figalia, you will meet the canyon of Neda. It flows from Lyceon mountain, between Kakaletri and Petra villages of north Messinia very close to Andritsena. The water is following a route of natural wealth of 32 kilometers and end at Ionian sea, in Elea, just outside Kiparisia...

The road Patras- Kalamata "follows" the border of the coasts. Besides the sea beauties, a wonderful mountainous world is appearing on the east side that "gards" a beautiful river, Neda, and is the only river of female gender in Greece.

Many people want to "taste" the untouchable natural beauty. Begin from Kyparissia, the narrow provincial road ends after 18 km ends in the mountainous village of Platania. From there we find a dirt road that is the link to the world of the "heavenly" canyon of Neda.

Hikings are organised where the starting point is an old stone bridge. On the pathwalk, there are many signs that show the route from the river until the canyon, where a great fountain jumps at 20 meters height.

The visitor can follow the route of 7 to 8 hours in order to cross the canyon but it will be better to take into consideration that walking inside the river is obligatory and in some parts even swimming.

The best period for visiting the canyon is the end of summer with the beginning of the autumn. The river drop less water so the swimming is much more easier.

It is important to notice that the fauna which is shaped on the canyon is admirable. That has a result to meet creatures as birds, fresh water fish, otters and grass snakes.

Ways of access :

  • From Petra village and near church of Agianastasi the river flows into. It is the ideal point for the ones who want to see the river from its starting point.
  • From Platania village, you descent by car until the last stone bridge and continue to Figalia. This way is the shortest route from the point that Neda empties but also is considered to be the most difficult one.
  • Another alternative road is through the typical local road,from Sidirokastro and Aulona villages.
  • A dirt road starts from Kakaletri village, reaches the river and continues to Marina village. It is suitable for those who want to start from the most quiet parts of the river.

Origin of the name:

According to the myth, the origin of the name comes from Neda the nymph, godess of the water, to whom Rea gave Zeus when he was born in order to protect him from his husband Kronos.
She was the one that took care of the infant- together with the nymphs Thisoa and Agno- washed it at the wellspring of Lykeos that later became the legendary river that took her name.


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