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Centre of Tsoukalades - Somata

A 1,590m walk, taking 31 minutes to complete and graded 1 for difficulty. The walk begins in the centre of Tsoukalades and ends at the location known as Somata. It takes the walker through olive groves where, in winter, we will come across elderly farmers beating the olives from the trees and women in traditional island dress (known as the kotola). There are magical views all along the route, and especially at the destination.

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Necessary equipment: the basic recommended items + towel and swimming costume
C J T: Net walking time

C J T Walking description
00:00 The walk starts in the village centre, at the only parking area (GPS: N38 49 440, E20 39 312, H=225m). We leave the parking area and head to the right, ascending the main asphalt road through the village.  Access map. Centre of Tsoukalades - Somata
00:02 After walking 50m we come to the first stopping point, where we see to the right the traditional village olive press, currently being reconstructed. We continue on our way opposite the front of the olive press, entering a narrower,paved road for ten metres.
00:04 Proceeding along the asphalt road we leave the village behind us; all around us now are olive groves. We remain on the road, not turning off at all.
00:13 We are now at the point where the road forks, both turnings being asphalted. We take the turning to the left, the one with the downward incline.
00:20 The sea can now be seen clearly in the distance and we continue walking along a cement-paved road, narrower and bearing obliquely to the right. The downhill incline becomes more pronounced.
00:22 We are now in the area known as Somata; the vegetation is much more dense.
00:24 Another crossroads; the cement road ends in a fork and we choose the dirt track to the left.
00:25 A breathtaking view opens up before us, with the town of Lefkada and the infinite expanse of blue sea. Caution is necessary here: the downward incline is steep and the ground falls away sharply to our left.
00:30 Watch out for a path heading upwards and obliquely to our right, through quite thick vegetation.
00:31 Walking carefully up this narrow country path we arrive at a small natural balcony with a magnificent view: the town of Lefkada with the straits and lagoon, the Akarnanian mountains, the Epirus mountain ranges and the deep blue Ionian – all spread out before us. When we have sated our eyes on this magical landscape we set off on our return journey – a little more difficult as we are now walking uphill (GPS: N38 49 775, E20 40 037, H=120m).  Access map. Centre of Tsoukalades - Somata

Information-Pictures:Prefecture of Lefkada

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For your stay in Lefkada, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Lefkada town, as well a...

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