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Hiking Route: Agia Aikaterini - Fryni - Faneromeni Monastery

This is a walk of just 1,430 metres, which can be completed in half an hour and is graded 3 for difficulty. Set out from the little Church of Agia Aikaterini and through the village of Fryni, along the local asphalt road, until you come to a country path, just one metre wide. Here you begin the ascent up the rock until you come to the top where the well-known Faneromeni Monastery is located.

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C J T  Walking description
00:00 The walk begins at the simple little Church of Agia Aikaterini (GPS: N38 49 578, E20 41 247, Η=19m).  Access Map. How to get to starting point of the hiking route: Church of Agia Aikaterini - Fryni - Monastery of Faneromeni
Walking along the local asphalt road we come to the first houses of the village. As buildings become more frequent we leave the provincial road to our left and slightly higher, running more or less parallel to our route.
00:04 The village extends above us to the left, while the road is bordered by the gardens of the village houses. We ignore any narrow roads turning off to right or left and keep going along the local asphalt road, which is clearly the main road of the village.
00:06 To our right is the village cemetery, with the Chapel of Agioi Apostoloi, while to our left is a small children’s playground, adjacent to an old olive press, no longer in use and not open to visitors. We are now moving gently upwards. In front of the cemetery there is a small stone-paved square.
00:08 The road is now moving gently upwards. It turns slightly to the left and, before we begin to go down, we come to two narrow side roads leading to private houses. At this point there is a narrow strip of paving to our right, with a bench, while to the left there is a small wooden kiosk with a tiled roof. Here the hiker can pause for a rest and quench his thirst with the cool water from the stone fountain next to the olive tree.
00:09 We carry on along the main asphalt road, at a faster pace because we are now moving downhill; to our left there is a stone-walled sheepfold; eventually we arrive at a crossroads.
00:10 We come to the crossroads and turn left to begin our ascent of the hillside, at the top of which is our destination, the Faneromeni Monastery. After turning left, we should pause to look at the little stone Chapel of the Analypsi
(Assumption), recently reconstructed.
00:11 The road narrows now, and we come to the end of the asphalt stretch. The road is now cemented and in front of us we see the hillside we are going to ascend. We should not let the steep incline intimidate us, the path we are
going to take rises quite gently.
00:12 We walk along the cement road and come to a point where the road forks to the left. Opposite us there is the iron gate of a private house. This is the first point from which we can look down over the Ionian Sea, off to our right.
00:13 Attention is required here, as we come to a sign marking an impasse; we are in front of the entrance to the courtyard of a house. We should now take the country path to our right. Proceed with care, especially in winter, because the ground is slippery and the path may be overgrown. As we proceed along the path the vegetation becomes thicker, and we are continually distracted by the view of the plain, extending down to the Ionian Sea. A little farther to the right we can see the lagoon in front of the town of Lefkada.
00:16 We come to a fork, the path to the left descending, that to the right ascending. The former leads into the village, the latter takes us on our way upwards; in the distance we can just see a grove of pine trees.
00:23 The occasional pine tree now breaks the monotony of the holm oaks. There are wooden benches at this point, set in small paved areas, where the walker can rest. To our right the view opens out into an impressive panorama.
00:28 From this point the country path is paved with stone and we can hear the traffic on the provincial road – a sign that we are approaching our destination.
00:30 As we reach the provincial road the entrance to the Faneromeni Monastery appears. A visit to the monastery is highly recommended; it is set among pine and cypress trees, and there is also a small zoo and museum. Every tourist to the island visits the monastery, and it is famous for the magnificent celebrations held each year on the feast day of the Holy Spirit. People come here to visit from all over Greece
(GPS: N38 49 573, E20 40 716, H=120m).  Access Map. How to get to the end point of the hiking route: Church of Agia Aikaterini - Fryni - Monastery of Faneromeni

An Ecclesiastical Museum was opened here in 2006, located in its own special building, with relics from the Faneromeni Monastery itself and items from other monasteries on the island, now dissolved, and from various churches.

Information-Pictures:Prefecture of Lefkada

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