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Exantheia path in Lefkada island

A 1,320m walk taking 38 minutes and graded 3 for difficulty. Starting from the local surgery at the entrance to the village of Exantheia and leading to the Chapel of the Panayia in the area known as the ‘old village’. The path used to be used by the inhabitants of the mountain village to get to their vineyards.

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C J T Walking description
00:00 We park opposite the local surgery and walk a few metres farther on to find the starting point of the walk (GPS: Ν38 45 509, Ε20 37 098, Η=585m). Following the path upwards we come to an old stable on our left and then a water tank, as we continue along the winding path, bordered by dry stone walls. If we pause to look back we will see the village of Exantheia, set out like the seats of an amphitheatre on the hillside, and in the distance the majestic sight of the Ionian Sea.  Access map. Exantheia path in Lefkada island
00:03 Our path is now along a level dirt track and a few metres on we come to the first turning to the right, which we take. We then make a sharp turn left, at the second intersection, and once again find ourselves on a paved path. There is a whole network of paths around the Exantheia district, most of them paved along their uphill sections, forking off into two or more new paths at many places, used by the local people to get to their fields.
00:16 Proceeding between the dry stone walls, with old vineyards on either side, we ignore the many narrow paths to our left and right and continue along the main track. Farther on we come to a main fork in the track but continue straight on, ignoring the downward track to the left, keeping the stone wall to our left. We carry on along the main pebbled track, carefully – because the pebbles can be loose and slippery on the uphill sections, and ignoring the smaller paths we continue until we get to the asphalt road.
00:30 After fifteen metres we turn left onto a country dirt road, gently leading downhill. To our right there are vineyards and to our left, in the distance, the village of Kalamitsi and the Ionian Sea. Proceeding along the country road and taking a wide curve to the left we come, on our right, to the Chapel of the Panayia (GPS: Ν38 45 538, Ε20 37 614, Η=710m). Next to it there is an old
00:38 abandoned monk’s cell, while its courtyard boasts two impressive trees, their trunks clad in ivy.  Access map. Exantheia path in Lefkada island

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