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On foot .. Sivota - Polineri

Most of the people visiting Sivota (previous name: Mourtos), and they are many since Sivota is the most important touristic resort in Thesprotia, stay only near beaches. Nevertheless, the rest of the area is also equally interesting.

From the south side of the settlement starts a beautiful route which includes the abandoned Vrachona settlement (Vrachana) and Polineri village (Koutsi). Because the area is full of rural roads most of the route follows them. Hikers' effort is paid back with the beautiful view of Sivota islets and Corfu in the background.

The surprise is in Vrachona, where the deserted houses become one with the imposing rocky scenery. The few olive trees, almond trees and the big plane trees are not enough to not soften the dry outline of the plain.

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After Vrachona, in one km approximately, where a wooden kiosk stands, leave the rural road behind and turn left to Polineri. The scenery changes once you reach the top. From here you can see Plataria plain and its villages built on the slopes. The old path that you follow to go down to Polineri has a big bent but very good marking.

The medieval triangular castle distinguishes on the west side of a naturally fortified location which used to be an ancient fortified settlement. In certain points the ancient polygonal walls are still preserved in great height and still impress with their perfection of their construction.
Under the castle, in an impenetrable area, lies “Lefka” cave opened in the limestone rocks of the area. The decoration of the cave is very beautiful and impressive but as no efforts have been done up to now to explore it we suggest to visit only its remarkable entrance.

In the village you can find taverns with local meat and agrotourism accommodation. If you have had enough of Sivota beaches we suggest you take the opposite route, having as a base Polineri.

Islands of Sivota
They belong to the municipality of Sivota. They are located in the bay of Sivota, opposite the village and are reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords. They are a beautiful group of islands which are covered by dense green vegetation. The bay of Sivota, the small islands and islets, the small coves, the clear blue waters and the vegetation, all create an enchanting turquoise image of outstanding natural beauty. In the area you can rent a small boat for a tour of these small islands and the marine region surrounding them.
Historical research correlates the islands in the bay of Sivota with those mentioned by Thucydides as “Sivota islands”, among of which the battle between Corfu and Corinth during the Peloponnesian War took place in 433 BC.

Source: GNTO

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The underwater road crossing through the Aktion - Preveza channel ensures the fastest connection of Aetoloakarnania and southern Greece with the coastal zone of the prefectures of Preveza - Thesprotia and the Port of Igoumenitsa.

There are regular bus routes from the Thesprotia Bus Station to Athens, Thessaloniki, towns and regions of the Prefecture of Preveza, cities of Epirus, Thessalia and Patra.

The port of Igoumenitsa is used predominantly for passengers for interior and exterior ferry routes.

There is air connection from Thesprotia to the neighboring airports of Ioannina (67 km), Aktio (92 km) and Corfu.

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For your stay in Thesprotia, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Thesprotia town, as ...

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