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Tour in mountainous Naupaktia

Villages full of trees. Trees, lakes, rivers...A scenery of amazing beauty that becomes more amazing when snow begins to fall..

The amazing routes in the forests and mountains you can take many routes to get there you can take Elatou or Ano Chora. Surely, after snowfall it will be safier even though you have big vehicle to take the central roads in order no to go into trouble.

  • Ano Chora- Ambelakiotisa: We pass through Ano Chora and turn left following the signs for Ambelakiotisa. The street in most of it is asfalt, though magnificent scenery full of trees, pass the bridge of Katsalos river and continues to Ambelakiotisa (former Kozitsa). Totally you will cover 14 km distance.
    Across Ambelakiotisa, we will meet the monastery that has its own story to tell. Here in 1455, it was found the image of Theotokos, hang from a tree. Legend has it that comes from Ampelakia Thessaly with miraculous way.  When the Turks entered the city, put fire on the monastery and  throw the picture at Pineio.
    The monastery because of the rich foundings has characterized as "Holy ark of Naupaktia"

    Coming up from Ano Chora before we start ascend for Ambelakiotisa, we will follow the dirt road towards the villages Podos and Chomori in a very interesting route through the forest.  Although these villages are the most beautiful in mountainous Naupaktia, the visitors of the Ano Chora neighborhoods almost never will come here.
    Chomori was the base of Episcope and had its own named school.  At Chomori village (16 km) we find asfalt road and if we want to ascend for Platanos or turn north to Chani Lioliou we will continue descending the asfalt road for Evinolimni.

  • Ano Chora - Krioneria : As you come from Elatou, reaching Ano Chora, you can continue straight following the signs for Krioneria.  The road is tight with many strolls  with an amazing scenery keeps you company throughout the route but you need to pay attention after a snowfall.
    Krioneria (Former name Koutolistia) is a beautiful village, bulit in 1.100 m height in the north hill of Fteropyrgo, in a privillaged point that offers the best view in all this area.
    The first residents of the village came here in the early of 19th  century from Sperxiadas area,  after Turks invasion. Here, besides 1-2 traditional cafeterias which in winter also close, you will not find another construction.
  • Also beautiful is the route Krioneria- Perdikovrisi (dirt road under asfalt construction, 11 kilometres).  From Perdikovrisi ( former Sinitsa) asfalt road leads to Euinou lake (west) or to Artotina and Lidoriki (east).
    Also at Perdikovrisi you can come also from Ambelakiotisa (16km), a route with many and difficult strolls, accesible only with 4Χ4 and only for few months in the summer (at Rachi Tsekoura in altitude 1.450 snowfall stays until May).

Following the river: Coming from Naupaktos if you wish to save some kilometres and at the same time to cherish an amazing scenery next to the river, you will follow the road that you will see on the your leftt side 100 m. after passing the crossroad to Lidoriki.
If you have a 4Χ4 follow fearless as the road has recently been cleaned and the natives use him often.  After 9km you will go to the central road that leads from Terpsithea to Elatou.

 Kakavou pathwalk

It is well known as " Hercules pathwalk" because based to the myth that was the path that he followed to go from Peloponnese to Pleurona city of Aitolia. Connects the villages of Ano Chora and Ambelakiotisa.
The path is not conserve well but for an experienced walker it remains extremely interesting. Easier path is the first part from Ano Chora until the river and the rock-bridge (duration 90 min.) You will take informations and directions from Ano Choras hotels.

The school of big Lobotina

Even though it is not clear if there was a school in Big Lobotina (Ano Chora)  from 18 th century where the teacher was the  famous monk Ananias Dervisianos and Kosmas Aitolos one of his students.
The school was under the control of families from Kravara such as Kanavioi, Chrysovergides, Sotiropouloi that kept excellent connections with the "High Gate".

Ancient Apodotoi

Recidents of mountainous Naupaktoi was Apodotoi, in the same family tree with Aitoloi. Biggest town and capital of ancient Aitoloi was Aigitio that probably was at Koraka's hill. The town considering to Thucidides was from Athenians with commander the famous Dimosthenis 426 b.c

Terpsithea Museum

At the old primary school of the village you will find a museum that besides many tools of daily use, they have  organised an " church corner" and  "school corner" . The museum is next to Terpsithea's square.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Source: Ethnos-Thodoris Athanasiadis


For your stay in Aetoloakarnania, Agrinio town, Messolonghi and the rest areas of the prefecture, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns.
In Ano Chora Naupaktia Messolonghi as well as in many other areas of Aetoloakarnania County and mountainous Naupaktia there are hotels and accommodations of various categories and types (rooms to let, residences, Bed & Breakfast inns, studios, hostels, guesthouses and furnished apartments) that can satisfy every visitor's demands and needs for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
You will find wonderful hotels, rooms and apartments to let of all categories and price ranges.


By car:
You can access Aitoloakarnania by car using the road network.
The best way to explore and wander around in Aetoloakarnania, known for its many natural beauties and major attractions, is to have your own transport. It is worth visiting places that the local transport and tours do not reach.

Indicative distances and routes from Naupaktos:

Ambelakiotisa: 58 km Route Map. The road route from Ano Chora to Naupaktos .The distance in kilometers and time that you will need to get there
Ano Chora: 52,2 km Route Map. The road route from Ano Chora to Naupaktos .The distance in kilometers and time that you will need to get there
Athens: 220 km Route Map. The road route from Messolonghi to Athens. The distance in kilometers and time that you will need to get there
Thessaloniki: 467 km Route Map. The road route from Messolonghi to Thessaloniki. The distance in kilometers and time that you will need to get there
Patra: 25,1 km Route Map. The road route from Messolonghi to Patra. The distance in kilometers and time that you will need to get there
Ioannina: 222 km Route Map. The road route from Messolonghi to Ioannina. The distance in kilometers and time that you will need to get there
Preveza: 164 km Route Map. The road route from Messolonghi to Preveza. The distance in kilometers and time that you will need to get there

By bus:
Regular Aetoloakarnania Intercity bus Access Map. How to get to Aetoloakarnania Bus in Agrinio routes connect the main and major cities of the prefecture to Athens and capitals of other prefectures.
There is also regular connection of areas, villages and regions of the county.

The region of Agrinio has a good road network which makes transportation easy through all villages and settlements.
In the city of Agrinio you may also use the urban bus. tel (+30) 26410.57.851.

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For your entertainment at Aitoloakarnania you will find many restaurants, taverns, cafeterias and clubs etc. with exellent service and variety of products and services that will fill up your expectations
Aitoloakarnania consists of many traditional, simple but also luxurious places that you can eat whichever kind of food you wish.


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