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Skopelos.. its sights and beaches

While you are on the island, don’t forget to visit the sights mentioned below:

  • Impressive Byzantine monasteries, like Evangelistría and Timiou Prodrómou, built in idyllic locations. The old Monastery of Evangelistría, east of Hóra, was renovated in 1712 and is famous for its fortress-like precinct and its breathtaking view of the Port and Hóra.

  • According to the legend, 800 years ago a dragon was killing the inhabitants and destroying the island. Ayios Riyínos, the patron saint of the island, chased it. At one point during the chase a cleft opened up in the mountainside. The dragon fell into the abyss and died. This cliff was named “Drakonstósxisma”, meaning Dragon cleft. At this point, the land does indeed sink, creating a deep cleft. In fact it is a steep gorge surrounded by the sea, below a church built almost on the edge of a cliff. The steep rocks, the pines trees “hanging” over the rocks and the turquoise waters create a picture of unrivalled beauty. Follow the signs on your way from Stáfylos to Amárantos to find it (follow the dirt track, go left and at the first junction go left again).

  • The pirates’ graves at Sendoúkia (ancient graves carved into the rock).

  • The Episcope, a Venetian building that was supposed to become the seat of the Bishop of Skópelos but remained unfinished due to the invasion of the pirate Barbarossa in 1538.

  • Aϊ Yiannis at Kastri, a picture-perfect chapel built on the top of a steep rock. Climb up the steps carved into the rock and enjoy a stunning view of the archipelago! The chapel became famous worldwide when the wedding scene from the film “Mamma Mia” was shot there; ever since the chapel has been a popular choice for young couples planning to getting married.

Beaches in Skopelos
Summer in Greece is synonymous with swimming and sunbathing on golden beaches something Skópelos has no shortage of: wonderful sun-drenched beaches stretching uninterrupted along the island’s pine covered coastline:

  • Miliá (25 km south western of Hóra), a beach covered with shiny white pebbles and surrounded by a pine forest, is considered to be one of the best on the island.
  • The pebble beach of Pánormos, 15 km west of Hóra and Stáfylos, another pebble beach, which has facilities for visitors, only 4km away from Hóra, are some of the island’s best known beaches. The route to Stafylos through dense pine forests is pure magic…

(Whichever beach you may opt for, the crystal clear waters and the green surroundings will take your breath away!)

Don’t leave Skópelos without tasting the traditional Skópelos cheese pie, a mouth watering delicacy made of crispy pastry in a spiral shape and local goat cheese.
If you have time, spend a day visiting the nearby island of Skiáthos, a popular destination for young people, or Alónissos, a beautiful island where the seal Monachus Monachus is common! These islands are easy to reach since there are frequent connections to Skópelos by ferry or speed boat.

Source: GNTO

For your stay in Skopelos, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns.
In the town of Skopelos, as well as in many other areas of the island, there are hotels and accommodations of various categories and types (rooms to let, residences, Bed & Breakfast inns, studios, hostels, guesthouses and furnished apartments) that can satisfy every visitor's demands and needs for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
You will find wonderful hotels, rooms and apartments to let of all categories and price ranges.

Coastal connection is possible:
through Agios Konstantinos on responses from Athens (Kaniggos Square). Trip duration is 3,5hours.
Also from Volos every day all year long. Trip duration is 3,5 hours and
from Thessaloniki in the summertime.
Skopelos also connects with Siros, Santorini, Paros, Heraklion, Tinos and Naxos in the summertime.

By flying dolphin or catamaran:
From Agios Konstantinos, Volos, Thessaloniki, Trikeri Island, Alonnisos, Glossa and Trikeri (Pelion).

Through Agios Konstantinos on responses from Athens (Syntagma). Trip duration is 2,5 hours.
From Volos every day all year long. Trip duration is 2,5 hours.
from Thessaloniki in the summertime.
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For your convenience, you can use the route map on the field “Routes” with information about the mileage, the time you need and the route you will follow, selecting the points of interest.


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For your stay in Skopelos, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Skopelos town, as well...

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