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Sights of Hydra

The town of Hydra has got many important sights.
The old stone mansions distinguish in the region around the harbour. Most of them have been built the 18th century by Venetian and genevian architects and constituting sample of this seasons prosperity of residents of island that was roughly a lot more than they are now.

In the mansion Tompazi is accommodated the hostel of Faculty of Good Arts of the Athens Polytechnic, while in the mansion of Kriezi is accommodated the nursing home. In the mansion of Tsamadou, in the northern side of harbour is accommodated the Faculty of Officers of Commercial Navy.

Distinguishing is also the mansions of Kountourioti, Mpountouri, Miaouli and Vulgari. In the harbour they are saved up to today cannons that constituted vital defensive arm of island at the Revolution 1821. Beside the port authority functions a museum with file from the fights at the Turks and the achievements of the residents of Hydra seamen.

In the central square of the town is found the metropolitan temple, dedicated in the Kimisi of Virgin Mary which is celebrated officially on 15th of August, which allocates marvellous internal decor.

You should also visit:
the Historical Residence of Lazaros Kountourioti with the church of Ypapantis, the Historical File Museum Hydra, the museum of the Kountourioti family, as well as the room of Art and Concerts "Melina Merkouri of" Municipality of Hydra, which entertains work of famous artists all per year.

Museums in Hydra

Information - Opening hours

The museums are open for the public
between 10:00 - 17:00 daily,
except the museum Lazaros Kountourioti which remains closed on Monday.

* Due to possible changes of opening hours please contact for exact hours.
Archaeological sites, museums, monuments

In Hydra you can visit the four museums which are allocated in the island.

  • The historical file-museum in Hydra next to the faculty of skippers Hydra. You will be able to see priceless treasures for the history of island until. It also accommodates a unique exhibition very appreciable and important painters on the subject Hydra.
  • The Byzantine museum of Hydra can be found in the metropolis and includes all Byzantine heirlooms of history of monasteries and Metropolis of Hydra Spetses and Aiginas.
  • The historical residence of Lazaros Kountourioti in the right side of Hydra accommodates unique exhibits. The building of residence of Lazaros Kountourioti constitutes sample of architecture of Hydra. Was built at the end of the 18th century, period of economic blossoming and naval supremacy of Hydra.
  • The building that accommodates the fourth museum of Hydra is the residence of first chairman of Greek democracy Pavlos Kountourioti. Redecorated and accommodates all the personal objects of governor of the legend Averof, deliverer of Limnos and Aegean islands, chairman of democracy and big benefactor of island Pavlos Kountourioti. In the exhibits of the museum you can also see priceless heirlooms liberating fight 1821. 

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From the harbour of Piraeus in front of the church of Saint Spyridona leave daily flying dolphins and catamaran, in very frequent itineraries.
The way up to Hydra is approximately about one hour and ten minutes (1,10').

By car you can go up to Ermioni. You leave it there and go to Hydra by Flying Dolphin or water taxi.

For your convenience, you can use the route map on the field “Routes” with information about the mileage, the time you need and the route you will follow, selecting the points of interest.


Accommodation in Hydra island

For your stay in Hydra, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Hydra town (Chora), as we...

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