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PARGA: Traditional and Beautiful!

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Route: Athens-PargaRoute map.From Athens to Parga. Kilometrical time a
Route: Igoumenitsa - PargaRoute map.From Igoumenitsa to Parga. Kilometrical time and distance
Route: Preveza- PargaRoute map.From Preveza to Parga. Kilometrical time and distance

Gifted with exceptional natural beauty, Parga is moving between green and blue and stealing our heart. Her traditional settlement invites us for a walk to her narrow streets, in the meantime the view from the castle towards the town, the harbor and the ocean blows our mind away!

Small, traditional and totally green, Parga stands out for her natural beauties... Covered with pine trees, cypress trees and olive trees gives her an exceptional feature.

The traditional settlement slips in a languid way from the venetian Castle .

The delightful full of trees harbour decorates a small island with the beautiful white church of Virgin Mary.

Parga is about 68km far away Preveza In summer time is full of vividness , as is  consisted of beautiful beaches, like those in  Lichnos, of or Sarakiniko, although, the best time is autumn , in order to enjoy the calmness.
A stroll with the traditional train or by car will take us in the castle of Anthousa, from where the amazing view blows our mind away. From Parga's harbour we can also go by boat  daily excursion at Paxoi and Antipaxoi.

Worth-visiting places :

  • The island of Virgin Mary
  • The castle of Parga
  • The castle of Anthousa
  • The monastery of Giromeri
  • The archaeological site of Nicopolis
  •  Ancient Cassiopi
  • Mylos in Krystallopigi
  • Gavelainas ladder  Acheronta
  • The monastery of Agios Dimitrios
  • Zaloggo monument
  • The church of Agia Paraskeuh in Kougi
  • The old town of Preveza Preveza and Sevdali's street with its taverns
  • The old  Necromanteion
  • Grinders of Souli

What to eat:
Fresh fruits and seafood ( sardine, hake with plums , pasta with shrimps, sardine with stuffed tomatoes, grilled shrimp , sweet pumpkin pie) . At villages you will eat traditional grilled meat and traditional delicacies.

What to buy:
Preserves without preservatives , jams, honey, handmade pasta and other Preveza's traditional products .

Διαδρομή: Μυλοπόταμος, Νεοχώρι, Αφέτες, Κοπώπη, Λεφόκαστρο, Αργαλαστή, Κάλαμος, Ποτιστικά, Μελανή, Πάλτση, Μουρτιάς...Actions in the springs of Acheronta - Boat trip in Acherontas
In the neighbourhood of Parga... - Sorties in the environs...Διαδρομή: Μηλιές, Βυζίτσα, Πινακάτες, Δράκεια, Κάτω Γατζέα, Καλά Νερά, Πλατανίδια, Αφησσος, Αγιος Γεώργιος Νηλείας, Αγιος Λαυρέντιος, Ανω και Κάτω Λεχώνια, Αγριά...


For your stay in Preveza, you can book room from hotels or rooms to let .
 In PargaPreveza and in other areas of Preveza there are hotels, guesthouses, rooms to let, furnished rooms and studios of all types and categories  that can satisfie travellers demands for a pleasant and enjoyable stay .
You will find great hotels, guesthouses, villas, residents and rooms to let in a very good condition all types and categories.
list with hotels and guesthouses in Preveza , also many options and  offers for cheap holidays inPreveza,offers for cheap holidays in Preveza, you can check the catalogue with the accommodation of the area  also in the page with the accommodation offers and accommodation economy packages.


You can access Preveza  by car through the existing road network.

There is also regular bus connection to Athens, Thessaloniki, cities of Thesprotia, Epirus and Patra, which is ensured with ΚΤΕΛ Thesprotia , with regular schedules .

The underwater road crossing through the Aktion - Preveza channel ensures the fastest connection of Aetoloakarnania and southern Greece with the coastal zone of the prefectures of Preveza - Thesprotia and the Port of Igoumenitsa.
There is also the the opportunity for excursions to the neighboring counties and cruises to the islands Ionian Islands, which are right opposite. Having the capital of the prefecture as a starting point, you can visit Arta, Ioannina with its many attractions, Dodoni, Charadra tou Vikou and Zagoria, Lefkada and Paxos.

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The harbour of Thesprotia is basically for passengers , with connections to greek destinations but also abroad.

Thesprotia is connected with airlines with the airports of Ioannina (67km), Aktion (92 km) and Corfu.

For your own convinience you can use the map from the next section of the page (Routes) with information about the kilometrical distances, the time you will need and the route that you are going  to follow , choosing from the spots that you are interested in.

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For your entertainment in Preveza you will find many restaurants, taverns, cafeterias, clubs etc. with the best service and variety of products and services .
Thesprotia has also many restaurants with traditional simple but alaso luxurious choices where you can taste any type of food.


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You can access Preveza by car through the road network. The underwater road crossing through the Aktion - Preveza chann...

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