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Olympus Mountain, a divine region

Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, is spread to Pieria and Larissa Prefectures. Southwest of Macedonia stands proudly like a giant tower of almost 3,000 meters with no one to question its sovereignty. Because of this, the Ancient Greeks had “placed” their gods on it.

The highest peak of Olympus, Mitikas, with a 2,917 m height, is 263 km from Athens, 78 km from Thessaloniki, 24km from Katerini and 18 km from Litochoron.

Olympus occupies an area of 500 square kilometers. As a corollary of this, the mountain “is embracing” many areas and small villages at its foot.Some of these are: Paleos Panteleimon, Scotina, Palei Pori, Agios Dimitrios, Litochoron, Petra of Olympus, Livadi of Olympus, Olympiada, villages that belong to Pieria while Karia and Kokkinopilos belong to Larissa Prefecture.
It must be noted that Kokkinopilos is the settlement that defines its borders on the north side, while Karia its southern boundaries.

Olympus climate
The climate in the regions varies depending on the season and the altitude they are at.
The settlements south of Olympus are characterized by a hot and dry summer and their winter can be characterized as wet. At the higher regions there is bitter cold, while rain and snow are common weather conditions throughout the year.
In winter the temperature ranges from -10° C to -20° C degrees, while during the summer months from 0° C to 20° C.

Olympus Forest, a national heritage

Olympus is known worldwide for both environmental characteristics and unparalleled natural beauty, and about its relationship with the ancient Greek mythology.

The importance of the park has been recognized not only in Greece but also in Europe and worldwide. In 1981, UNESCO declared Olympus as "Biosphere Reserve". The European Community has included Olympus to most Important Bird Areas in the European Community."

National Park Management Body

1938 was a landmark date for the entire region because Olympus was declared as a National Park. As a corollary, it is protected as a unique heritage.

Based on special legislation, all forms of exploitation of the 40,000 acres that constitute the core of the park are prohibited. A part of the area that surrounds it, the “peripheral zone of the National Park”, is going to be included in the core in order to protect certain species.

Olympus area is characterized as ideal for many activities. Thousands of nature lovers gather to browse the slopes, to conquer the peaks as well as the hiking trails. The starting point is the picturesque town of Litochoron, where ends the Alpine Marathon of Olympus at the beginning of every summer.

The access to Olympus is easy via the national road and the rail network of Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as via the village roads that connect cities with the villages that surround the mountain.


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