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Archaeological Museum Of Nicopolis

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The new museum of Nicopolis is dedicated to the archaeological site and was built between 1999 and 2009. The central idea of the exhibition is submitted in one phrase "one naval battle, one town, one empire."
At the entrance we enter the main archaeological site and in the A'aisle are presented the most important facts that took place before the foundation of Nicopolis.

In hall A, with subject "The birth & development of the city " are presented the foundation, the historical evolution and the institutions of Nicopolis during Roman and Byzantine times.

In hall B, with subject "Life in the city"  are presented secondary fields of residents life, like trademark and industrial activity, life in home, residents tasks and lastly sepulchral customs.

In halls C, D that lead to the exit are presented the development of Nicopolis disrepair from the city's isolation up to city's "discovery" throughout the exploration.


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