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Nauplio: an erotic city

Past and present walk hand to hand in the traditional streets of Nauplio and gives to this city a special magic, that brings you close again and again...Undoubtedly, in the erotic Old Town of Nauplio, love comes alive.

Nauplio mirrors at the blue water of Argoliko gulf and welcomes us. Built on the base of the castle of Palamidi and of the traditional Bourgi flourish its entrance  port in a unique way, it can be fairly proud for its natural and architectural beauty.
At the kalnterimia of Nauplio the bad thoughts have no place. With the innocence of a young child  we leave the magic of this place that travel us to the atmosphere of other years.
Sensual, traditional, and mostly a romantic city with the enetial castles, big squares, archontic houses, turkish mosques and one of the most beautiful seaside walking paths of Greece, Nauplio is undoubtely one of the most favourite destinations of every season of the year.
Mythology tells us, that Nauplios was the son of Poseidon and Amimoni and was considered  to be the founder of the city. His history during the years was very stormy and important facts were connected to him.It became the first capital of the new bulit hellenic state, and here Ioannis Kapodistrias was the first governener of Greece. At 1833 the first king of Greece, Varonos Othonas was welcomed whilst the first Government of Greece was organised here. In Nauplio, also, there was an army school.

Walking around the Old City...

Worthvisiting places

  • The museum of Peloponnesean Folklore Foundation.
  • The archaeological museum of Nauplio.
  • The War museum.
  • The museum of Rosary.
  • The National Art Gallery (Department of  Nauplio).
  • Municipal Art Gallery "Palamidis" .
  • Odeion and Mosque.
  • The church of Agios Spyridonas.
  • The lion of Siegel (Pronoia neighborhood).
  • Palamidi.
  • Bourgi, by boat from the port.
  • Arvanitia beach from the rocky seaside street.
  • Karagiozi house. At Staikopoulou street, Enotion, Ilias Moros makes and sales figures of the Shadows theater.

To meet the beauties of Nauplio we leave our car in the parking area of the port, and on foot, by bike or by the little train we will dicover the hidden charm of this place.
The heart of Nauplio beats in his Old Town. Central spot is Syntagma square, where there is the enetic military building, which is functioned as an Archaeological museum. East of the city there is the mosque that host the first primary school of the new built greek state, while in the south part we find the old Parliament.
Here we also find the first high school of Greece, the municipal art gallery and a War museum
Also remarkable is the museum of  Peloponnesean Folklore Foundation, that encloses old memories but not forgotten ones.
The one thing that worship the most in Nauplio is its atmospheric streets. Walking around the neighborhoods, we gazzled the neoclassical archontics with the Venetian balconies. Between the streets we discover shops with jewellerys, candles and figures with karagiozides...
A special interest shows the museum of Komplogi of Aris Evaggelinos ( Staikopoulou street), that is worth visiting. At streets of Old Town we find the church of Agios Spyridonas where at its door Ioannis Kapodistrias was murdered.
At morning hours or in the evening, it is worth making another romantic walk at the seaside path that starts from the end of the port and arrives at Arvanitia beach. We can do this route also by bike.

Asceding the castle...

It is an experience to ascend 857 (or 999)  steps that leads to the amazing castle. But we can go also by car. Everything looks like working under the shadow of the castle. In the past Palamidi was used as a prison. In there Thodoros Kolokotronis was taken under castody.
The view from above is amazing! In our foot the traditional Nauplio and Bourgi, the small fortress on the island of Agioi Theodoroi, building of 1471.  From the port we are apart just 450 and in the past was linked to Akronauplia with a chain in order to prevent the unwelcomed ships to enter the port. If we wish, we can visit by boat the beach of Nauplio.
In the evening we will enjoy it at the seaside cafeteria, where we will drink a great espresso or a hot chocolate with vanilla aroma (or caramela) looking at the magic view towards Bourgi. Also we can try amazing ice creams in incredible tastes...
When it gets darker, we will enjoy a great food in the traditional taverns that located on the narrow streets or on the seaside.. And surely we are not going to sleep early...
The city bars with good music and great atmosphere, arise our mood and make a night to remember...

What to buy:

Traditional sweets, liquer, homemade pastas, local wine, gifts with olive, honey, handmade pastas in great variety, amazing trahana, aromatic votans and jams.

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By car:

Access to Nauplio is easy by car through the existing road network. The time that you need to get there from Athens is 90 - 120 min by car.
The best way to explore Nauplio and discover its nature and archaeological sights is to have your own vehicle.
It is worth visiting places where local tranportation and organized tours do not reach.

Distances for Nauplio :

From Athens: 138 km. Χάρτης διαδρομής. Η οδική διαδρομή από το κέντρο Αθήνας (πλ. Συντάγματος) στον Αρχαιολογικό Χώρο της Επιδαύρου. Η χιλιομετρική απόσταση και ο χρόνος που θα χρειαστείτε
From Patra: 183 km. Χάρτης διαδρομής. Η οδική διαδρομή από την Πάτρα στον Αρχαιολογικό Χώρο της Επιδαύρου. Η χιλιομετρική απόσταση και ο χρόνος που θα χρειαστείτε
From Ioannina: 392 km. Χάρτης διαδρομής. Η οδική διαδρομή από τα Ιωάννινα στον Αρχαιολογικό Χώρο της Επιδαύρου. Η χιλιομετρική απόσταση και ο χρόνος που θα χρειαστείτε
From Sparta: 119 km. Χάρτης διαδρομής. Η οδική διαδρομή από τη Σπάρτη στον Αρχαιολογικό Χώρο της Επιδαύρου. Η χιλιομετρική απόσταση και ο χρόνος που θα χρειαστείτε

By bus:
Nauplio: Syggrou 8,  tel.: 27520.27.323, 27520.27.423
Nauplio has regular bus routes in daily basis that connects with Athens and other areas of Argolida.

By train:
The train stop is located at the port. Connects Nauplio with Korinthos and Pireus.
The route for Korinthos is approximately 1h and 15 minutes.
The route for Athens is 3 hours.
Tel. 27520.28.090

For your own convenience you can use the route map at the next field of the page (Routes) with information of kilometrical distance, the time you will need and the route that you follow, choosing the spots you are interested in.


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