Municipal Theater of Piraeus

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«A Masterpiece of Art» and a protected monument from 1980

Undoubtedly the jewellery of Piraeus!
It is located on the "heart" of the city, in the crossroad of the roads of Iroon Polytechnioy and Vasileos Georgiou and considered as the most  trustworthy samples of public architecture in Greece of 19th century, but also one of the best theaters of the Balkans!

It is a work of soul and creation of the architect from Piraeus Ioannis Lazarimou, a professor of technical university who finish his study for its construction from 1881- 1883.  As his model took the Theater of Odeion in Paris(Τheatre d΄Οdeon), in a more simple and modern version, giving a particular weight to the plastic designation of outdoor places  but also to indoor design with influences from french delicacy, incorporating also features from Roman, renaissance and neoclassic genre.
The construction of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus became reality with the initiative of the mayor Trifonas Moutzopoulos. Funded at 1884 by the mayor Aristides Skylitsi- Omiridi (1883 - 1887) and opened its gates eleven years later, at 9 April of 1985, during the years of mayoralty of Theodoros Retsinas.

The impressive building of the theater has oblong shape, height 30 m. and the impressive entrance promotes great respect.
The italian type room of the theater can fit 1.300 - 1.400 spectators and has a big orchestra, boxes in two rows and balconies in four levels. Particularly impressive is considered theater scene (width 20,30 m. , depth of 16,15 m. and a height of 30 m.)
Also, consists of a forefront and an orchestra.
The architect I. Lazarimos took care as it has many secondary spaces, but also comfortable dressing rooms from the artists with the luxurious living room.

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