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In the mood for walking... in Hydra

In Hydra, those who love hiking, they will have the opportunity to choose between several routes, one better than the other.
The most famous walk is the one that starts from the port and reaches Kamini, Vlycho and Palamida... From there, one can continue to the inland, to Episkopi and to the beach of Nisiza.

A particularly beautiful hiking will bring us to the Monastery of Prophet Elias, in a landscape full of thousands of wildflowers and aromas of spring nature... The views we will enjoy from up there are breathtaking!
We will enjoy better the sunset from the edge of the harbor, on the hill, where are the cannons or from the legendary Hydronetta, enjoying a cool cocktail.
As night falls, Hydra wears its evening clothes and invites us for a night full of colors, flavor and qualitative entertainment...

Worth seeing:

  • The Historical Museum - Archive of Hydra
  • The Monasteries of St. Efpraxia, Prophet Elijah, Trinity, Zourva and St. Matrona
  • The mansion of Kountouriotis Lazarus and Kountouriotis Paul
  • The Church and the Monastery of Assumption
  • The frescoes in the churches of the Visitation and St. John
  • The mansions of Tompazis, Bountouris and Miaoulis
  • The old pharmacy of Rafalias (19th century)
  • The coastal Mandraki and Kaminia

For your stay in Hydra, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns.
In the town of Hydra, as well as in many other areas of the island, there are hotels and accommodations of various categories and types (rooms to let, residences, Bed & Breakfast inns, studios, hostels, guesthouses and furnished apartments) that can satisfy every visitor's demands and needs for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
You will find wonderful hotels, rooms and apartments to let of all categories and price ranges.

From the harbour of Piraeus in front of the church of Saint Spyridona leave daily flying dolphins and catamaran, in very frequent itineraries.
The way up to Hydra is approximately about one hour and ten minutes (1,10 ').

By car you can go up to Ermioni. You leave it there and go to Hydra by Flying Dolphin or water taxi.

For your convenience, you can use the route map on the field “Routes” with information about the mileage, the time you need and the route you will follow, selecting the points of interest.


Accommodation in Hydra island

For your stay in Hydra, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Hydra town (Chora), as we...

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