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Route: Gliki - Sykia (Sergiana)

How to go

Route: Athens- GlikiRoute map. From Athens to Gluki Thesprotia. Kilometrical and time distance.
Route: Igoumenitsa- GlikiRoute map. From Igoumenitsa to Gluki Thesprotia. Kilometrical and time distance.
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Route 5: From Gliki village to Sykia village (Serziana) to the straits of Acherontas, at the doors of underground

Route map

The route depicts the beautiful environment, above the west side of Acherontas. This route connects Gliki village with the flatland of Sergiana.

Just before the end of the tour it is worth continue walking at the left side in order to visit the river of Acherontas and the doors of the underground .

Also this route has the problem of returning to the village of Gluki from where you start. If there is not anyone from your company to return you, you have to call a taxi to drive you back.

Route short description

The route follows the hillside above Acheronta . After 1,5 km you reach the crossroad from where you follow the path from the left side. The path is visuable with continuous going ups and downs and after 9,5 km leads you to a dirtroad that you will find it if you follow the crossroads.  Two times left and you reach the asphalt (Sykia- Vrysoula)

Route characteristics

Category: Hiking
Route: Traversal
Length: 11,4 χλμ.
Time: 4 hr. 25' without stops
Landscape beauty: Very nice
Height diff. ascent: 480 m.
Height diff. descent: 300 m.
Lowest point : 100 m.
Highest point: 280 m.
Vegetation: Enough in the biggest part of the route
Drinkable water: Yes
Ground condition: Walkpath 9,8 χλμ., dirtroad 1,6 χλμ.
Road difficulty: Difficult
Signs: First part yellow sign with filling red square,  second part red rhombus in yellow frame.

Coming from Kanalaki village, reaching the entrance of Gliki village and you meet the bridge of Acheronta . Before you pass the bridge go left . After 1.500 m from the bridge (leaving the left side the asphalt road (goes to the river) and right side (goes to Perichati- Tsekouri), you reach the parking area where is the beggining of your route.

Detail Description of the route

0 h. 00' 0 100 DIRTROAD leave the parking area Σημείο Χώρος στάθμευσης follow from the east the dirtroad. In 70 m. or in 2'
0 h. 02' 0,070 100 DIRTROAD leave from your left the path that leads to Acheronta and in 230 m. or in 4'
0 h. 04' 0,300 120 PATH reach the tunnel. Now you have two options either going left from the path from Gavelainas ladder which is steeper or pass through the tunnel. Two paths meet further down  Σημείο Διασταύρωση. In 890 m. or in 21'
0h. 25' 1,190 270 PATH reach the highest point  Σημείο Υψηλότερο σημείο (from your left, you meet a kiosκ with a really nice view,  20o  to Kougki and Agio Donato  and from the right side Kiafa fort ) and continue with the path. In 340 m. or in 7'
0h. 32' 1,530 180 PATH reach the paths crossroads  Σημείο Διασταύρωση (left path for Samoniva- Kiafa) and continue right taking the stairs. ( red rhombus in yellow frame ).  The path is visuable in 300m or in 10'
0h. 42' 1,830 240 PATH reach the highest point Σημείο Υψηλότερο σημείο where the path turns right  (beautiful view). Later the path goes up and down between 150m to 200m height In 2,5 km. or in 1 h
1h. 42' 4,300 230 PATH pass a difficult path with pebbles . Later the path ascends abruptly in 300 m. or in 10'
1h. 52' 4,600 260 PATH reach in altitude 260 m. Σημείο Υψόμετρο 260 μ.. In 350 m. or in 7'
1 h. 59' 4,950 230 PATH pass a section that has a protection bar from your left side. After you descent until 200m. height, you ascent once again and in 330m or in 8'
2 h. 07' 5,280 280 PATH "traverse " the hillside in a big petal  Σημείο Μεγάλο πέταλο. In 2,3 km. or in 40'
2 h. 57' 7,580 160 PATH continue next to the river  Σημείο Δίπλα στο ποτάμι and in 420 m. or in 9'
3 h. 06' 8,000 180 PATH reach a fountain and ascent until you reach 350m altitude . In 1560m in total or in 40'
3 h. 46' 9,560 270 PATH pass a metal ladder Σημείο Σιδερένια σκάλα after  a while you face Serziana flatland. In 400 m. or in 10'
3 h. 56' 9,960 210 PATH reach the crossroad paths  Σημείο Διασταύρωση μονοπατιών (Πύλες Αδη) (left side in 250 m for Acheronta ) and continue straight. In  100 m. or in 2'
3 h. 58' 10,060 200 DIRTROAD reach the dirtroad  Σημείο Χωματόδρομος - Κιόσκι (there is a kiosk there)  and in the crossroad (Attention) go right and ascent. IN 310 m or in 7'
4 h. 05' 10,370 200 DIRTROAD reach the crossroad Σημείο Διασταύρωση continue left. In 1 km or in 20'
4 h. 25' 11,370 (+3 km. for Sykia) 180 DIRTROAD always from the dirtroad , go close to the stream you reach the central asphalt of Serziana  Σημείο Διασταύρωση - πινακίδα (left side village Sykia) (Serziana)in 3 km. or in 1 h - right towards Kotsanopoulo- Vrysoula villages

Source: Preveza Prefecture Route Guide

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