Fournoi of Ikaria


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There is only one way to travel back in time and experience old Greece up close: take a ship and get off at Fournoi!

The place is pregnant with history: there are ancient finds scattered throughout the island dating back to the Ionians, Classical and Hellenistic times. The Cyclopean wall with traces of an Acropolis on the Hill of Ai Giorgis, the ruins of the ancient temple at Kamari and the remains of homes on the sea bed, the shrine to Poseidon at Agia Triada in Chryssomilia, the ancient quarry at Petrokopio. An ideal base for pirates in the Middle Ages, due to the hundreds of small fjords and hidden beaches where their ships could be concealed, Fournoi were once called “Corseoi Islands”, after corsairs, i.e. pirates.

As a matter of fact, Fournoi is not just one island, but a formation of small ones, of which only two are inhabited: Fournoi and Thymaina. Islands of fishermen and bee keepers, they provide visitors with all basic comforts.

Campos, the island's main village, offers tavernas, patisseries, shops selling traditional products, a soft drink bottling workshop (the local orange soda is everyone's favourite refreshment here) and, of course, bakeries (fournoi in Greek).

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