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An island full of wind, faith and waiting for a miracle. An island of an unique charm, that you discover through its beautiful villages. This is Tinos. At "bride of Cyclades", as the travelers and poets call her, the period of Easter is an alter experience. Live it!
Dressed in spring, Tinos, the island of incredible beauty, celebrates in a unique way... The temple of Euaggelistria with the miraculous image is undoubtedly, the center of faith of the island and in all Greece.

Though, the charm of this island, unknown to many, hides in the forty bright villages, that decorates it with architectural beauty.
Houses with marble windows, numerous churches, that rises from hills and other times next to wave,  around the island and friendly people, that makes you feel as an old friend and not just a visitor...

In its grounds great artists were born, as Chalepas, Guzis, Litras, Sohos, Filippotis, Vitalis and many more well-known artists that their displays will stay in the eternity... Apart from that, Tinos, is considered to be an extraordinary crib of civilization, the long-time connection of two christian religions, Orthodox and Catholic, that develope the cultural level and tha culture of the island.

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