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A different Easter in Tinos island!

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Easter in Tinos has its own unique color! The night of Great Friday six epitaphs, decorated from girls with "manties", gather in the port where sing religious songs.

After their departure, the epitaph of Agios Nikolaos followed by the crowd, continues towards seaside to the former "Spitalia", at the beach Vathi Kladaki...An unique moment, touching! The custom is dedicated to all these people that are lost forever in the sea...

The epitaph of Panagia made of wood,  returns back to church, where stands higher infront of the entrance of the door in order the believers to pass undrerneath it.
At Holy Saturday morning, when the priest says the " Anastas o Theos" a small plate with lemon leaves goes around the church to keep them to have good luck.

At Resurrection night everyone celebrates mainly in Chora but also in her villages. At the church of Panagia they give red eggs to people in church yard.
At Easter Sunday, after eating the traditional lamp and mageiritsa believers go to the church. Easter in Tinos means mageiritsa, gardoumbes, christopsomo, but above all cheese pies "tsimpites"or "lixnarakia" and "skepastes" (sweet cheese pies ). There is no place in Tinos that will not host on his table sweet, lovely, "paintings" that demands experience.

On Easter Monday, at Ktikados, the image of Resurrection goes around all the neighborhoods of the village. At 12 pm, the bell invites everyone, natives and visitors at the area under the Holy Temple, where we find the common bank. The love fiesta, with food (beef soup or baked meat), cheese pies and wine. It is "the table of brotherhood", as this day is dedicated to love and solidarity!

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Worth to visit:

  • The temple of Euaggelistria with the miraculous image of Panagia
  • The village Kardiani with the small streets and the amazing view towards the sea
  • The village Isternia
  • The traditional villages of Triantaros, Dio Choria and Volax
  • The famous pigeon nests in Tarabados
  • The beautiful village of Falatados
  • The Tower made of marble and seaside Panormo for ouzo
  • The monastery of Koimisis Theotokos (" Lady of Angels" ), of 10th century, in Kehrovouni mountain
    (10’ from the city)
  • The  monastery of Iera Kardia of Jesus, Xombourgo, of the greatest points of worship of Catholic Church (20’ from port)
  • Xomporgo and Catholic churches
  • Port of Isternia for fresh fish next to the wave
  • The beach Kolimbithra for ouzo with view towards the sea
  • The amazing museum of Marbles at Tower (Tel.: 22830.31.290)
  • The museum Kostas Tsoklis, with creations of the famous painter, at the village of Kambos in Tinos (10 km from Chora). (Tel. 22830.51.009)
  • The interesting museum of Traditional Ceramic of Tinos in Aetofolia village (12 km from Chora).
    (Tel. 6979.471.635)

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The island connects daily to Rafina port  by ferry boat and high speed boats.
Connected also with many islands of Cyclades: Paros, Naxos, Syros, Folegandros, Ios, Santorini etc. also with Crete directly or through Milos or many times through Sifnos.

In the island there is regular transportation to go to many areas and beaches.

For your  convenience you can use location map in the next section of the page (Routes) with information about the kilometrical distance, the time you will need and the route you will follow, choosing from the spots that will interest you.


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For your stay in Tinos, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Tinos town (Chora), as we...

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