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Beaches in Greece

The Greek coast has a total length of approximately 16,000 km. Half of this length includes the thousands of Greek islands scattered through the Greek seas, while the rest extends along the mainland.
The Greek shores are world-famous and exceedingly popular because they are known for their crystal clean and clear waters, as well as for their unique diversity. The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy beaches stretching along over many kilometers, sheltered bays and coves, golden stretches of sand with dunes, pebble beaches, coastal caves with steep rocks and dark sand typical of volcanic soil. Every year hundreds of beaches and marinas in Greece are awarded with the “Blue Flag”.

Most of the thousands of Greek coasts are freely accessible and you can easily discover and enjoy them. There are also many organized beaches in the country, with the necessary infrastructure providing high-quality services (umbrellas, reclining chairs, change booths, cafes, bar-restaurants etc), where, apart from swimming, you can enjoy water sports (water skiing, windsurfing, diving, etc) as well as other means of having fun in the water, such as the parasailing, “inner tubes”, “bananas”, wakeboard, jet ski, etc. All organized beaches also have manned lifeguard towers, ensuring safe swimming in the area.

Source: GNTO

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