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Beaches in Sithonia

Most of the organized and well known Sithonia beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag.
North of Marmaras, the beaches have tourist development with good infrastructure and the dominant element is the fine white sand.
South of Marmaras, after the area of Porto Karras, the beaches become more difficult accessible with some of them to be accessible only by boat.

Some of the most known and easily accessible are:

  • Kalogria
    Famous long sandy beach with turquoise clear waters, it stands out for its distinctive fine sand and the pine trees but also for the caravans that are gathered there. You can visit it by car on the road from Nikiti to Neos Marmaras. There is an ample parking behind the beach bar.
  • Spathies
    One small sandy beach at the southern end of Sithonia area. The second creek forms a larger and smoother beach with shallow waters. It is not organized.
  • Elia 2
    Sandy beach with some of the best and most expensive hotel resorts in Sithonia. It is narrow and at a lower level than the road, accessed primarily by stairs. The car parking is relatively difficult because of the accommodations along the beach.
  • Elia 1
    Sandy beach within walking distance from Elia 2 and next to Lagomandra beach.
  • Lagomandra
    Big and beautiful beach near Neos Marmaras. A small forest of pines that exists right of the beach gives it a special "color" and a special beauty. Easy to access it by car, organized and with water sports and many other facilities are these things that make it attractive to many visitors from the region and beyond. A small "cape-peninsula" divides the beach into two parts, with the northern part being the most organized.
  • Tripotamos
    Big enough white beach, full of plane trees and small poplar that is divided into smaller beaches by the small rivers that flow into it. The access is easy and at various points it is depending on the selection point.
  • Keramaria
    It is located within walking distance from Neos Marmaras (about 1.5 km on the north), next to the road to Thessaloniki. Although unorganized, the people prefer it because it is quiet enough with clear water, sand and pebbles. It is easily accessible by car but because of its proximity, many visitors making the trip from Neos Marmaras even on foot.
  • Paradisos
    The beach on the northern side of Neos Marmaras. Sandy and clean, organized and exploited. The water is quite shallow, which makes it ideal for families with children. There is very easy access to various parts of the beach.
  • Neos Marmaras
    Beach in the settlement. It is organized, with many fish taverns and beach bars along it or in a short distance and easily accessible.
  • Porto Karras 1
    Beach at the southern end of the village, in front of the hotel complex of Porto Karras. It is one of the main beaches that are preferred by visitors.
  • Porto Karras 2
    It is not a beach but 9 kilometers of coastline with several large and small beaches with fabulous water among a breathtaking natural landscape. It is a privately owned area of Porto Karras, therefore is not accessible to non-customers of the complex.
  • Kelyfos
    On Kelyfos islet that took its name from its shape which resembles a turtle shell, opposite N. Marmaras within about 2 nautical miles. In generally, the island is a rich fishing place and receives a large number of visitors that are interested in, among others, its wonderful sea bottom. You can visit it by your own vessel or by marine boats that departure from Neos Marmaras.
  • Agia Kyriaki
    It is located approximately 9 km from Neos Marmaras. The sandy beach of 400 meters long and the crystal clear waters hosts mainly residents of the village and campers. There, you will find several seaside taverns with good food.
  • Azapiko
    Two lovely beaches separated by a vertical huge rock. Approaching, the visitor can see the huge rock of Azapiko that penetrates into the sea and divides the beach into two equally beautiful places. It is overgrown with shrubs and wild olive trees and on the northwest side the church of St. George is built. A small river with many plane trees completes the landscape on the southern part of the coast. Feature of the area is the many waters. It is not organized but is in a high position in the preferences of visitors of the region.
  • Diaporti
    Sandy tongue which, when it is not covered by water, allows you to walk on the small peninsula - island of Gerochristos or Pounta. On peninsula there are four small, isolated and unorganized beaches with clear waters.
  • Pounta
    Small Island near Azapiko with beautiful waters.
  • Aretes
    Organized beach with fine pebbles and sand, camping and beach bar, it is essentially a complex of three beaches with the first two to have a length of about 150 meters while the third is 400m long. On the third, which is at the southern end, there is a settlement, Aretes, with intense the element of the Cycladic architecture. The crystal clear turquoise waters and the sand are dominant, with some rocky plates to adorn the deep waters without preventing swimmers.
  • Porto Koufo
    The beach in front of the settlement of Porto Koufo village, organized with enough restaurants and cafes at a minimum distance from the beach. The sight of the harbor from above is unique, as the huge rocks rising above a bay, which looks like a lake, since the very small opening to the sea is barely visible. The headland behind the rocks of the bay was called Derris in antiquity. Porto Koufo was the ancient Toroneos port, a safe anchorage for Toronian ships. The port still retains its ancient name, since by then was called Kofos port, because the ancients claimed that whoever is inside the port does not hear the noise of the sea at all. They even were using the port as a metaphor for any one who did not listen well, saying that he is "deafer than Kofos port”. Porto Koufo is the safest and largest natural harbor in Northern Greece and is almost always full with all kinds of boats. Today, it is a quiet little fishing village that smells fresh fish.
  • Toroni
    Big and beautiful beach in Toroni settlement with blue waters and golden sands. You will find many restaurants and cafes by the beach.
  • Tristinika
    Large sandy beach with easy access and turquoise waters are closely coupled with the rocks and the low vegetation. Do not forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the beach.

See also the beaches on the east coast of Sithonia.

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