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Cretan tradition.. Bread, Wine and Olive Oil!

Bread. The Cretans were right..
The foreign tourists in Crete, described the Cretan bread with negative words. The wise Englishman Robert Pasley was impressed by the beautiful black bread of the monks of Crete, which was brewed with wheat, barley and rye. Many years passed, studies were performed, and all concluded: the Cretans were right! The fibers containing in the traditional bread helps to improve bowel function, particularly the colon. The full bread has greater amounts of B vitamins, essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Furthermore, it is considered that full bread may prevent cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the colon!

The Cretan rusk is recognized by the European Community, conquering consumers due to the pure natural ingredients that used to its preparation and due to its high dietary value.

In Crete, there are round rusks that are served even in the good restaurants, forming a distinct pleasure. With fresh tomato, herbs, olive oil and sometimes cheese, Ntakos is a special treat and a special combination of pure natural products!

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Wines. The Cretans drink with friends..
For the Cretans, wine is a part of the culture and accompanies their meal. They never drink alone, but with friends, laughing and chatting.
We can say that the oldest wine-press, 3,500 years old and more, is located in Crete, in Archanes. This tradition connects the knowledge with technology. The Cretans wine makers are not based only in tradition but they have enriched their knowledge with the developments and the consumer’s preferences.
Specialists of wine test varieties are experimenting, highlighting aromas and flavors, offering to consumers fine wines to suit all tastes and requirements.
Moreover, do not forget that the viniculture is cultivating there for at least 4000 years! According to mythology, wine is a gift of God of joy, life and friendship, Dionysus. The mythology tells us that his favorite companion was the daughter of Minos, the legendary king of Crete, Ariadne. These are, perhaps, the roots of a story that nobody knows when it started. Areas of wine production: Archanes, Peza (Pediados Province), Dafnes, Monofatsi, Sitia Province, Province of Cydonia and Kissamos.

"Oh, my God, how much olive oil they consume"..
In Crete, American dietitians examined the phenomenon of longevity of the Cretans and did not believe in their eyes! " Oh, my God, how much olive oil they consume…" exclaimed the internationally renowned physician and pioneer in nutrition, Ancel Keys, seeing a green salad literally to swim in olive oil. In fact, Keys has reiterated what the travelers had noticed in earlier centuries, who were interested in the daily life of the Cretans.

Today, it is believed that olive oil is the greatest secret of the Cretan diet and longevity. Investigations that were also made in Europe and America, reveal that olive oil not only protects the heart but it helps in proper functioning of many organs. It acts beneficial in a number of diseases, eg, lowers cholesterol, has antioxidant power, protects against cancer and helps liver function. It is ideal for feeding people with diabetes.

The Cretan olive oil, known worldwide for its quality, is not an industrial but a natural product that comes from the simply crushing of olives, without extracts and conditioners. It is the better, lighter and tastier oil in the world.

You don’t miss anything to try it instead of butter on your breakfast bread, dipped in Cretan olive oil, which gets flavor if you put herbs in the bottle or combinations of herbs that you prefer. It's the best breakfast.

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