A different Easter in Tinos island!

The Easter in Tinos has its own unique color! The night of Great Friday six epitaphs, decorated from girls with "manties", gather in the port where sing religious songs. After their departure, the epitaph of Agios Nikolaos followed by the crowd, continues towards seaside to the former "Spitalia", at the beach Vathi Kladaki...

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Easter with “Botides” and Orchestras... in Corfu

At the "Island of Feakes", Corfu, the days of Easter are actually special. The events here begin on Palm Sunday with the procession of the relics of St. Spyridon, around 11 in the morning, accompanied by the Philharmonic orchestras of the island and many believers, local and foreign, who participate following the “line”, where once, were the “protective” city walls.
This large procession is kept since 1630, in commemoration of the exemption of the city from the plague...

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Corfu. Easter here has its own color!

The green "island of Feakes", Corfu, with its indented coastline and the atmospheric Old Town, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage monument, knows to respect the secrets for centuries and the poetry of a life that resists to the ephemeral influences of the time...
Easter is celebrated here in a unique way by breaking “Botides”, with philharmonics in the alleyways and traditional flavors...

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In the beautiful island of Sifnos

In Sifnos, you will enjoy fresh fish and ouzo at the beach of Chrysopigi and in Vathy, and also at the picturesque harbor of Seralia (=Palaces) below Kastro.
If you like hiking, walk one morning to Erkies with the oleanders and the dovecotes...

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A walk in the enchanted Castle of Sifnos

Village and castle together on the island of Sifnos, reminisce the glorious past, the traditional village of Kastro lives and breathes today, thanks to the tenacity and the willingness of people to root on this steep rock that “flirts” for centuries with the stormy Aegean Sea...
In bygone days, Kastro (castle) was the old capital of the island until 1836, and owes its name to its build shape, as a medieval fortress...

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Sifnos, timeless charm...

Whitewashed villages that are knitted in harmony, beaches with crystal clear waters, potteries, and the famous cuisine. Sifnos, the beloved of god Apollo, greets us with modesty and promises unforgettable holidays.
Among Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos, Sifnos "travels" in the Aegean Sea...

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Πάρος: ντυμένη στα λευκά… τα καλοκαιρινά

Η Πάρος ξέρει να κλέβει καρδιές με τις ονειρεμένες παραλίες της, αλλά και τα ξεχωριστά χωριά της.
Η φύση της χάρισε πανέμορφα ακρογιάλια με καταγάλανα νερά. Οι άνθρωποί της τη στόλισαν με γραφικά χωριά που χαίρεσαι να περπατάς στα κατάλευκα καλντερίμια τους.
Στη Νάουσα, το απάνεμο λιμάνι της, τα χταπόδια αργοψήνονται στη θράκα και μας προσκαλούν για ένα ουζάκι...

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Easter with insular atmosphere in Andros

Easter in Andros is celebrated with great solemnity. The liturgies of Holy Week in the churches and monasteries, the procession of the Epitaph in the streets of Chora, the Resurrection on Holy Saturday and the Sunday’s festive atmosphere, can make you feel that Easter is celebrated best in insular atmosphere...
In Paleopoli, in Korthi and in other villages in the afternoon of Easter Sunday, people play in the street...

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Discovering the beauty of Syros island

In the morning we will take a drive and explore the island. A route in the northern part will bring us to Apano Meria, with its vegetable planted terraces and the village of San Michalis.
The view from up here is magnificent! A second route from the port will take us to places that are full of life during the summer. Starting from Azolimno, we continue to the sandy beach of Vari...

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Syros island has all the charms in Cyclades

With timeless charm and noble origin, this island has all the charms! From the beautiful Ermoupoli to picturesque Ano Syra, the unique Delagratsia and the beaches in Galissa, Finikas and Kini… Syros will make you fall in love with it without even realizing!
Μόλις το καράβι φθάσει στο λιμάνι της Σύρου, νιώθεις έντονα τη λαχτάρα να γνωρίσεις την ιδιαίτερη γοητεία αυτού του νησιού. Ένας τόπος με πλούσια πολιτιστική κληρονομιά και παράδοση...

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