The traditional Skoutari in Laconia

The picturesque Skoutari another settlement of Mani is an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday.
It is the continuation of ancient Vordoni that sank into the sea by a powerful earthquake, similar to what caused the sinking of Atlantis.
The name Skoutari means shield in ancient Greek and was the base of the pirate Barbarossa or Red Beard...

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Αμμουδιά Πρέβεζας

Η Αμμουδιά Πρεβέζης, βρίσκεται στις εκβολές του Αχέροντα, στο βορειοδυτικό άκρο του νομού Πρεβέζης.
Είναι γνωστό και σημαντικό τουριστικό θέρετρο και αποτελεί έναν από τους πλέον αξιόλογους προορισμούς στην περιοχή λόγω της μεγάλης παράδοσης και του πολύ όμορφου φυσικού περιβάλλοντος που όχι άδικα αναφέρεται και σαν παραθαλάσσιος παράδεισος, πλαισιωμένος από μία εξαιρετική παραλία στο βάθος ενός μικρού και γραφικού κόλπου, με τα νερά του Ιονίου να εξασφαλίζουν στους επισκέπτες μοναδικές εμπειρίες...

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Πάργα, η πανέμορφη...

Η πανέμορφη παραθαλάσσια κωμόπολη της Πάργας, βρίσκεται στο βορειοδυτικό τμήμα του νομού Πρέβεζας, έχοντας απέναντί της τα γραφικά νησιά των Παξών και Αντίπαξων, σε απόσταση 70 περίπου χλμ. από την πόλη της Πρέβεζας και 50 χλμ. περίπου από την Ηγουμενίτσα.
Κτισμένη αμφιθεατρικά, αποτελεί ένα από τα ωραιότερα παραθεριστικά κέντρα της χώρας μας και τόπος προορισμού χιλιάδων επισκεπτών τόσο για πολυήμερες διακοπές όσο και μικρών αποδράσεων, με έντονα...

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Tyrou beach Arkadia

Tyrou beach, the last years has become a significant summer destination with great accommodation for a comfortable stay, with easy access and 75km away from Tripolis, 21km from Astros and 200 km from Athens.
The seaside residence of Tyrou beach is one of the three residences of Tyrou, ( the other two is Ano Tyros, mountainous residence built in the hillside of Ano Tyros and Kato Tyros, little..

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Tyros Arcadia, Ano Tyros Arcadia

Tyros in Kynouria, close to the ancient sanctuary of Apollo Tyrita, is a beautiful summer center that consists of Ano Tyro, Kato Tyro that are a little bit far from the beach of Tyros.
Tyros and close villages consist a part of Tsakonia, this special region with its native residents, descendant perhaps of Doris that kept the Doric dialect...

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Kato Doliana in Arcadia

The residents of Ano Doliana not handle the heavy climate in the winter, harmful for their sheepherds and land, they decided to descent to warmer places, near Astros bulid their householdings, founding Kato Doliana, a traditional settlement, just 120 m above the surface of the sea and counting 800 and more residents in the winter and many more in the summer time even though a part of them return to Ano Doliana...

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Ano Doliana in Arcadia

After the village Rizes Tegea and in the distance of 26km southeast of Tripoli, we reach the traditional village of Ano Doliana, in the altitude of 920 m.
Ano Doliana are famous from the ancient times, and later on, because they produced marble of excellent quality from which the temples of Alea Athina, Artemida Knakeatidas but also the metropolitan temple of Tripoli, Agios Vasileios were built(1855)..

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Kosmas, mountainous Arcadia

Perhaps the village Kosmas is a little bit unapproachable but if you have not visited yet it is a big waste, as it is one of the most beautiful places of Peloponnese and Greece! It is about, the one and only settlement, today, in Arcadia!
Kosmas is on the south-east part of Parnonas and in altitude of 1150 m. It looks like resting, amphitheatrically on the side of the mountain...

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48 hours in Thessaloniki

Elegant and refined, the lady of the North is a modern city full of vigour and life which welcomes those wishing to learn about its history and culture, or to have fun, relax and explore the latest trends in fashion.
The city boasts twenty three centuries of fascinating history as seen in the monuments and architecture, a history which has deeply influenced the local cuisine as well; and you can get a glimpse of it all even if you stay in Thessaloniki only for a few hours...

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Kalabaka in Trikala

The word “kalabaka” originates from Turkish and means “strong fort”. The ancient city Aiginio, which was called Stagi (a name that the Metropolitan church still carries) during the medieval times, was located at the same place. The modern city has a very good street planning, large squares, wide roads and developed tourism...

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