Ionian islands - Eptanisa

The temperate climate; the deep and cool sea waters; the mountains; the lush vegetation; the cultural heritage; and the cheerfulness of the inhabitants, make the Ionian Islands the ideal place for a holiday as well as rest and relaxation.
What is more, the traits of the Ionian Islands are perfectly combined with a flawless tourism infrastructure, excellent hotel accommodations, restaurants, diving centers, sea sports, cultural events, and a multitude of sights, historic monuments and museums worth visiting...

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Peloponnese is a landscape with many options to any visitor. A place with treasures, surprises, scenes and abilities for having fun and enjoying yourself.
In Peloponnese visitors have the opportunity to make a trip to history. In every corner one will explore monuments of every historical period starting from ancient Greece, go on to the Byzantine period, reaching to modern history...

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Clean Monday in Greece

Clean Monday marks the end of Carnival and the beginning of fasting.
The beginning of Lent is, for our country, a special day and is celebrated primarily with various Lenten dishes, with traditional lagana, fish roe salad and olives.
On this day take place the usual trips to nearby destinations, as it is a...

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Traditions and Customs on Clean Monday

The frenzied celebrations of Triode are completed on Clean Monday. It is a special day for our country, as it symbolizes the spiritual and physical "purification" before the solemnity of Lent.
This is the last chance for celebration, and the countryside is at its best! Loud live traditional music, singing and dancing, Lenten food in abundance, the sky "multicolored" by the spectacular custom of flying kites....

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Top 10 destinations for 2014

Could 2014 finally be the year Greece turns a corner? Whatever about the economy (Greece takes over the EU presidency this month), tourism is looking up. The Greek Islands top the 'Lonely Planet' list of value destinations for 2014, and we're also promised Peloponnese diving parks with underwater archaeological sites.

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Port Authorities, telephones and addresses

List of addresses and telephones of all Port Authorities in Greece. Access Map.
How to get to the port that you are interested in.
Find the best and fastest route to follow by puplic transport or your own vehicle...

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The top 10 most beautiful Mediterranean islands

The top ten most beautiful islands in Mediterranean.. Architecture, people, culture, beaches, scenery, nightlife ... Heading for Santorini. The jewel of the Cyclades.
Next stop is the island of Corfu. Two days will be sufficient to explore the island.
Here comes Mykonos. The most cosmopolitan island.
Visit island of Crete. In Greek mythology, Crete is the subject of many legends...

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Three greek islands on the top destinations of Vogue

Three islands, Serifos, Folegandros, Thirasia have been proposed by Vogue as ideal destinations for holidays
Another eclat for three Greek islands, Serifos, Folegandros and Thirasia as they are on the list of the top destinations of Italian Vogue with the islands of Sardinia, Stromboli and Ponza, Samarcandi in Dominican Republic, Lofoten islands in Norway, Kangaroo Island in south Australia, Lanzarote in Spain, Campomoro and Porto Vekio in Corsica, Salina και Vulcano islands in Italy and many islands in Polynesia...

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4 greek beaches in CNN's top 100

...tipped the sand from our shoes, washed the brine from our eyes and put together a pretty good guide to the best beaches on the planet. Now we turn it over to you...

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The Acropolis in CNN's top 20

20 of the world's most beautiful World Heritage Sites by CNN...

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