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Volos.. ideal for excursions

Its advantageous geographical position makes Volos ideal for short day trips to the awarded with the Blue Flag beaches of Pagassitikos, to picturesque coves and to the beautiful villages of Pelion and the unique islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.

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In the eastern side of Pelion, and specifically in the village named Tsagarada, we find the brand-ne...


The traditional hotel  "Damouchari" is found at the coastal Damouchari, an area where the calm and t...


At the exit of Pagasitikos, the picturesque port of Geroplina at the location "Mylos" of Agia Kyriak...

These might be:

  • The climb up to the west side of the mountain. Portaria and Makrinitsa, famous villages of the mountain of Centaurs, maintain the color of past eras and have a high level of tourism infrastructure. Continuing, the trail leads to Hania, which, as its name reveals, is offered for making a stop to enjoy its traditional flavors, the good wine and the ski center – an attraction for the lovers of winter sports.
  • The tour to East Pelion.
    In Zagora, Tsagarada and other famous villages of the region, with the intense richness of the past. The walk on the green and picturesque streets and the swimming in the beaches of the exceptional beauty, like Chorefto, St. John, Mylopotamos, Xynovrysi, are special experiences.

  • Unforgettable is the route the train of Pelion follows, the legendary "Moutzouris."
    By train, by walking next to railway or by car on the road that connects the villages of Lehonia, Saint Vlasios, Saint George, Pinakates, Vyzitsa and Milies, one can admire the Pelian landscape, the magnificent sea and he can discover the uniqueness of each village.

  • The promenade in the lacy beaches that hug Pagassitikos. Visitors can follow two opposite directions.
    The eastern, at the foothills of Pelion, includes Agria, Gatzea, Kala Nera, Afissos, Argalasti, Chorto and Milina and hides, in its picturesque corners and the serene beaches, visual and culinary surprises. Last stop of the route may be the historic Trikeri, which monitors the entrance of Pagassitikos.
    The western, in the shadow of Othrys mountain, with stations in Nea Agxialos, Almyros, Amaliapoli (Mitzela), Pteleos and Achillio, reveals other images, so beautiful.

  • The excursion to the picturesque islands of the Northern Sporades. Hydrofoils and ferry boats connect with frequent daily routes Volos to the beautiful islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, which combine the green and the golden beaches of the Aegean.


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