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Volos, the city of the Argonauts

Volos Beach
Reference point of the city, with fishermen and fishing boats, shops, its interesting buildings and marvelous views to Pagassitikos and Pelion, it invites visitors for walks and interesting stops.
The beach walk is enjoyable. Here, you will find several cafes, shops, many catering shops and tsipouradika.

Volos does not allow you to feel bored


Address: Gr. Lambraki & Sekeri, Volos Χάρτης πρόσβασης. Πως θα πάτε στο Κέντρο Τουριστικής Πληροφόρησης στο Βόλο
Tel.: (+030) 24210.30.930, 40
Hours of operation:
Winter season (November to March)
Monday - Saturday 8:00 - 20:00
Sunday 8:00 - 15:30

Summer season (April to October)
Monday - Sunday 8:00 - 22:00

From the small taverns of the Old Port Authority, of New Demetriada, Nea Ionia, to the renowned "Scala of Milan" and the family taverns of Volos, many generations of revelers and gourmets have passed by. Near to them there are restaurants serving international cuisine and flavors from around the world.

But and for the rest of the night, Volos does not stop its offers: You can choose among the joy of vigorous entertainment in dozens of bars on the main pedestrian streets around the church of St. Nikolas and in Paleon district, but also in places with live music - many with their own unique history for more than 20 years - or the romantic tranquility in its hidden corners, which are inviting you for an endless walk.

With your morning coffee on the sunny beach, at noon with tsipouro in the picturesque places, with the wide variety of options and evening entertainment, Volos will not allow you to feel boredom.


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The reputed tsipouradika of Volos
It would be a great omission if the visitor of the city does not feel the atmosphere of tsipouradika and does not enjoy the ritual of tsipouro accompanied by appetizers, which are mainly seafood of any kind. From Nea Ionia to Anavros and Ano Volos to the beach, about 400 tsipouradika give the color of a popular entertainment and constitute the essential meeting place for Volos people and visitors.

Volos... one of the generosities of life

Menelaus Lountemis had described Volos as "one of the generosities of life"

Volos, a city that is washed by Pagassitikos and shaded by Pelion with its many villages.

A large, modern and dynamic Greek city that is fortunate to be located in one of the most beautiful areas in Greece.
The town complex, with the third port in Greece, is growing strongly and captivates visitor from the first moment.
Volos is one of four cities where were held the preliminary football matches in Olympics 2004 that organized by Athens.

The economic development meets cultural development and spiritual creativity in a modern town, which is fortunate enough to blend the classical with the modern and to face the future respecting the past.
Also, at Volos is situated the University of Thessaly.
Volos met the painting in the face of the great folk painter Theophilos, from the late 19th century, and continued with another great painter, Giorgio De Chirico, son of the manager of Thessaly railway, Evaristo De Chirico, who created the famous train of Pelion.

Volos has one of the most important archaeological museums in the country, and the Folklore Center of Kitsos Makris, the house of Ch. Zogias painter in Anakasia, Kontos house (Theophilos Museum), and the Museum of Folk Art and History of Pelion (Topali’s former mansion) in Makrinitsa.

In a short distance from the city of Volos lie the important Neolithic settlements of Diminiou and Sesklo, where we find the first traces of human residence in the area.

The journey in Magnesia begins from Volos that enchants thousands of visitors every year, who find here everything they want: many comfortable hotels, nightlife and plenty of opportunities to taste the famous tsipouro and the handpicked seafood.


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