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Vathia Mani, the surprise

Leaving Areopolis Mani and descending to the south holds the last surprise is Vathia.

Built in a prominent position , towers , houses , churches crammed on top of a magic landscape , a unique color , and under the beautiful blue sea.

It dominates in a strategic position on top of a hill, while extending around the ruins of older settlements . The densely-built and impressive building complex including about 70 houses and tower-houses was divided the neighborhoods of four genera Vathia has occupied this peak for centuries. Historical sources speak about it from the mid-16th century. Today's settlement modeled after the 18th century and full of life in the 19th century. It had about 300 residents who were elementary occupations cultivation of cereals, livestock and hunting. In the late 19th century turned to the cultivation of olives and the settlement erected four olive presses.

In the early decades of this century began the exodus to the big cities and in 1980 had left few residents mainly elderly women, deprived of everything.


Vathia was an abandoned settlement . After 1980 the ESO restored most towers and formed them into guesthouses. The beautiful scenery of the old Mani castle at first sight leaves you speechless for wild and imposing beauty.

It is 105 km south of Sparta. Swimming on both pebble beaches and some outside somewhere, is pleasure.


Between Vatheia and Alika there Kyparissos where near the sea found the remains of ancient Roman Kainipolis .Building material of the site has been used in churches of Agia Paraskevi which is considered to have been built in place the temple of Aphrodite and the church of Our Lady in this sanctuary of Demeter.

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The access to the area is easy by car via the existing road network.
Regular schedule services are linking the capital of the prefecture to Thessaloniki, Athens, Kalamata, Patras, Tripoli and other major cities of the around prefectures.
The route Athens - Sparta takes about three hours, and Tripoli - Sparta 1 hour.
Kalamata to Sparta in 1.30 hours
Corinth to Sparta in 1.30 hours
For more information contact the KTEL bus of Laconia.

By ferryboat:
Ferry connection from Githeio to Kythira - Antikythira - Crete, from Neapoli to Kythira.

KTEL Bus of Laconia, tel: (+30) 27310.26.441
Port of Gytheio, tel: (+30) 27330.22.262
Port of Kythira, tel: (+30) 27360.34.222

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For your stay in Mani, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Mani, there are hotels and...

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