The unique Tsipouradika of Volos and Nea Ionia

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Some history
"Tsipouradika" have a long history since the beginning of last century.

Since the old days, when everything was more pure and authentic, when all the inhabitants of the area were members of a large group, tsipouradika were the meeting place to spend their beautiful moments, but also, often, the full of sorrows ones. There they were sharing their joys and their difficult moments.
At the harbor and at the neighborhoods of the city, there was the meeting place for locals, and is still the essential place that today's visitor will visit in Volos.
The living tradition of the area, that was a small ritual, became nowadays an institution and is particularly loved by the friendly guests.

Whoever comes in Volos and experience the unique atmosphere of Tsipouradika, it is sure he will come again and again.

The whole habit started by the refugees from Asia Minor who had settled in Volos and mainly by those who were working at the port.

After their work, at noon, they were gathered at the harbor in the small cafes to drink tsipouro, which most of the times was served with some snacks in small plates, a habit that continues today. Over the years, the habit of meeting at noon in harbor’s tsipouradika with the seafood appetizers became a way of life also for the local workers. Gradually the groups became increasingly large, the snacks increasingly rich and sophisticated and the whole process always kept its authenticity.

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The tsipouradika of the area were established and over the years became the meeting place of the people of Volos, not only in noon.
The reputation of tsipouradika spread in the region, subsequently throughout Greece and soon became known even abroad. All visitors in Volos (Greek and foreign tourists) will go to see the famous tsipouradika and most of them will become fanatics and their customers. The secret of their success lies in the authenticity of the offered snacks, in the endless variety (with every new order the appetizers are different and certainly you can’t taste them all) and in their genuine tsipouro.

The taste has the first word, but if you try to learn the recipes, you probably will not find an answer, because the secrets of their cooking are disclosed only to anyone who would continue the tradition.

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