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Route: Athens - Tyros ArcadiaRoute Map. The road route from Athens to Tyros in Arcadia. The kilometrical distance and time needed.
Route: Tripolis - Tyros ArcadiaRoute Map. The road route from Tripoli to Tyros in Arcadia. The kilometrical distance and time needed.
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Tyros in Kynouria, 21km. south of Astros, near the ancient sanctuary of Apollo Tyrita , is a beautiful summer center that consists of Ano Tyro, Kato Tyro are a little bit far from the beach of TyrosBeach Tyros, that touches the beautiful water of Myrtoan sea.

Tyro beach, with the excellent touristic construction, offers a great beach for swimming, a small theater that is offered for cultural events in the summer while Easter celebrations are maintaing many of the particular customs of Tsakonia.
In the mountain of Orionta, in the height of 1000m, there are some ruins of the messaionic castle.

Tyros and the round villages consist a part of Tsakoni, this particular region with native residents, descendant perhaps of Doris that kept the Doric dialect, the broud feeling of freedom and their customs.Worth to point that celebrations of the Easter are maintaining many of their customs of Tsakonia, that used to be indepent the times of Roman or Ottoman,
while in the messaionic years big regions used to belong in the byzantine family of Melisinon. Do not miss to attend "tsakonic aubergine celebrations" in the summer.

Ano Tyros

Ano Tyros is an north tsakonic residence, built amphitheatric in the hillside of Parnon. From there the look travels from the Myrtoan sea until Spetses and Argolic coast, and the mountainous path leads to marvelous hiking experiences to the mountain of Paleochori.

It is a traditional village, with houses twofloor the most, build with stone without many openings that have accustomed

to the particular ground.The structure of the residence with steep streets, a characteristic of the mountainous Tsakonic residences.

The houses maintain until today their traditional shape and the interest of the visitors is big for Ano Tyro grace to the magnificent view that someone has from there to Tyrou beaches.

In Ano Tyros we find the monastery of Agios Georgios that is metoxi of the monastery of Agios Nikolaos Karias. It is worth someone to examine the way that the temple has bulit to understand the art of old builders, their work and their passion.

Tyros has taken its name from Apollo Tyrita, which temple is on the hill and consitute an archaeological site and historical preservable monument.At the ruins temple is build now the church of Profitis Ilias.  Further up there is the mountain of Paleochora that fed with corns the residents of Ano Chora. Today there are still some farmhouses.

Most of the residents of Ano Tyro have descended at the seaside taking advantage of the beautiful beaches of the region and have turned their interest towards turism that keeps growing in a way that will not harm the traditional character of the residents..

Source: Perfecture of Arcadia

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