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A trip from Parga to Paxos.. Simply unforgettable!!!

Excursion boats make daily cruises and round tours from Parga, Sivota and Corfu to Paxos island.

You will see:

  • the famous seaside villages of the island:
    Loggos, Lakka and Gaios,
  • spectacular caves,
  • beautiful locations and the amazing Voutoumi in Antipaxos.

You need to make the right choice, because many vessels do not make round tours of the island but just visiting a couple of beaches or caves. It would be nice once you do it to choose the long ride ( round trip - Paxos )...

A trip from Parga...
We leave Parga at 10 in the morning. After about an hour we reach Loggos, the smallest of the three main villages, which is really picturesque. The taverns and the bars have a distinct style and there the heart of this village "beats". We stay here for a while and then we sail to Lakka.

This natural harbor is a sheltered anchorage with clear water. At Lakka, we will stay for a half an hour to swim and to have launch in one of the small taverns.
After Lakka, we go on the west side of the island. The cliffs with the sharp edges that resemble towers are full of caves. We will visit three of them. Ypapanti, Galazio and Ortholithos.
The view from here will fascinate you. The journey continues with a walk on Antipaxos with the shallow sandy beaches that seem to be of gold.
In Voutoumi, we will have the opportunity for a second swim in the blue waters.

Finishing the trip we arrive in Gaios, the capital. Here, one can buy fashionable clothes, jewelry and pottery, local olives and olive oil. We will stay in Gaios for an hour and a half before starting the returning trip to Parga. Reaching Parga you will feel the desire to redo this beautiful journey. Besides, it is not a coincidence that an adage of Paxos says "no one can visit the island only once!"

Day trip by "Vicky-FII" boat

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For your stay in Paxos, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns.
In Gaios, as well as in many other areas of the island, there are hotels and accommodations of various categories and types (rooms to let, residences, Bed & Breakfast inns, studios, hostels, guesthouses and furnished apartments) that can satisfy every visitor's demands and needs for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
You will find wonderful hotels, rooms and apartments to let of all categories and price ranges.  

You can access Paxos by car through Igoumenitsa.

The best way to explore the area is to have your own car and is worth visiting places that are not accesible by the local public transport and tours.
The distances on the island are short and can be covered by public means of transport.

Daily ferry routes are scheduled from and towards Igoumenitsa to Paxos (Gaios) and Corfu via Igoumenitsa.

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For your convenience, you can use the route map on the field “Routes” with information about the mileage, the time you need and the route you will follow, selecting the points of interest.

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