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Church of Zoodochos Pigi [The Life-Giving Spring] - Cyclopean walls

A walk of 1,385m, taking 25 minutes and graded 1 for difficulty. We set out from the Chapel of Zoodochos Pigi, on the Lefkada-Nydri road, and after 300m turn right onto an asphalted country road, just before the automated car wash. We carry on for 235m and come to the first cement road heading upwards on our left, which we take.The road heads steadily upwards. After the relatively easy ascent of the hill we come to the ancient walls at the top, made of large blocks of stone – the remains of the ancient city of Nirikos.

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00:00 Park below the little church on an area of flat ground at the 2nd kilometre of the Lefkada-Nydri road. It is worth visiting the recently reconstructed Chapel of Zoodochos Pigi, with its beautiful stone-paved courtyard. We then continue towards Nydri, to the end of the asphalt provincial road (GPS: N38 48 955, E20 42 257, H=10m). The Zoodochos Pigi is a chapel of the Panayia Xenon Church. The visitor will immediately make out the impressive stone bell tower in the Ionian style, with its beautiful decorative features.  Access Map. How to get to the starting point of Church of Zoodochos Pigi - Cyclopean Walls hiking route
00:03 Watch out carefully for the country road at right angles to the right, which is the turning we want, next to an automated car wash.
00:05 Proceeding along the asphalt road, after two minutes we come to a storehouse, made of tin sheets, on our right, and ten metres farther on, obliquely to our left, a cement road. We take this and carry straight on without turning until we get to our destination.
00:14 We remain on the cement road, going through olive groves, laid out in terraces divided by dry stone walls. To our left there is an opening through which we can enjoy a fine view of the Akarnanian shore and the Lefkada straits.
00:22 To our left there are terraces made of huge, carefully placed stone blocks. These are the ‘Cyclopean walls’. We ascend them carefully, almost climbing now, but the view from the top will be ample reward.
00:25 There is a panoramic view of the Akarnanian mountains and shore, and in the background to the left we can see the town of Lefkada. Now it is time to turn back for an easy, downhill return (GPS: N38 48 406, E20 42 512, H=105m).  Access Map. How to get to the starting point of Church of Zoodochos Pigi - Cyclopean Walls hiking route

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