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Traditional products of Naxos island

Naxos island, apart from the typical Cycladic colour of blue and white, has green, too! One of the great virtues of the island is that it has farmland and lush vegetation, a rare phenomenon for a Cycladic island.

At the south side of Chora, in Livadi, are being cultivated the known and very tasty potatoes of Naxos, which are send to the markets of other cities in Greece. Many places of the island are home to many species of fruit trees with all kinds of fruits, there are also many olive trees that ensure the oil for all year long. At the market-place of the island you will find organic products like dried figs, herbs and many more.

The fact that Naxos was an important seat of worship of the god Dionysus reveals its richness in viticulture and winemaking. There are vineyards almost all over the island and the residents have their own vines in their yards, which give them the opportunity to enjoy their wine throughout the year.

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Besides the great wine of Naxos, another local drink is the lemon liqueur that is made from the leaves of citron. As for citrus fruit, it turns into a wonderful jam. The distillery of drinks has become a fairly profitable business and the made products appear in the local shops on the island.

The island has evolved in beekeeping, too. The honey of Naxos is based more on the thyme and has a wonderful flavour and smell. Another type of honey is "rikomelo" and is produced from the Eriki plant.
In mountainous Naxos, thousands of goats and sheeps raised, making important the livestock production of the island. Their meat is very tasty and from their milk are being made some cheeses such as the known "Naxos Graviera" (salted semi hard cheese), the "arseniko" (hard goat cheese), the ksinomizithra (sour, slightly salted soft cheese) and the anthotiro (soft, unsalted cheese).

While you are on the island, do not forget to enjoy the wonderful flavours of this fertile ground, which will fill you with the best impression.

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Naxos island is linked by ferry routes to Piraeus, Access Map. How to get to the Port of Piraeus Rafina and Lavrio Access Map. How to get to the Port of Lavrio
The route Piraeus - Naxos (103 m distance) varies depending on the ship stops at intermediate ports.
Daily ferry routes connect Naxos to the rest Cyclades Islands.
High Speed vessels connecting Naxos to many of Cyclades Islands and the Port of Piraeus, reduce significantly the duration of the trip.
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For your stay in Naxos island, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Naxos town (Chora)...

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