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Tourist guide Santorini - Thira

Nestled in the crescent of the island, literally on top of the volcano's crater, are the small islands of Palaia, Nea Kammeni and Thirassia.
Fira, the island's capital, is built in the most extraordinary way on the very top of the sheer cliffs overlooking the caldera.
Santorini's port Athinios is located just under Fira. In the past, you could take a donkey ride up to Fira from the port or walk up the steep steps.
Nowadays, visitors to the island prefer the impressive cable car ride or the asphalt road.

Worth visiting:
The Cultural Center at the Venetian Megaro Ghisi in the center of the Old Catholic quarter is well worth a visit. Cultural events take place here regularly including art exhibitions, theatrical productions and concerts. Original maps and documents that pertain to Santorini's and other Cycladic islands' history are also on permanent display here. The Beloneio Cultural Center, the Orthodox and Catholic Metropolis also play an important role in the promotion of culture on the island.

The Laographic (Folk Art) Museum of Emmanuel Lignou is located in the village of Kontohori on the road heading for the beach Ekso Gialo. It features interesting exhibits including a reproduction of a traditional Santorinian house. Don't miss a dive into Santorini's depths to enjoy the old shipwreck and the Caldera.

The Akrotiri is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece. It was excavated by the team of archaeologist Spiros Marinatos in 1967. An entire prehistoric settlement was uncovered dating back to 3000b.c. reaching full development during the Mid-Cycladic Period. The terrible volcanic eruption of the volcano on Santorini in 1500b.c. destroyed the city and buried it under layers of lava and ash. The eruption was so powerful that the tidal wave it caused reached the shores of Crete and destroyed its cities, signaling the end of the Minoan Civilization. The Archaeological Musuem in Fire houses finds from Akrotiri and the ancient city of Mesa Vouno.

Emborio - Perissa is a beautiful village, 11km from Fira, with a marvelous view of both sides of the island. Its fortress architecture with its narrow allies lends a distinct character to this medieval village. Its port is the beach of Perissa.
Imerovigli is built on the highest point of the rocks, at 300 metres and the road between Fira and Oia offers the most spectacular view of the island.
The traditional 'skafta' - barrel-shaped cave houses, the simple churches and the cobblestone paths distinguish this beautiful village which has been classified for preservation by the Greek state. The village is only 1km from Firostefani, the outermost section of Fira.

Kamari is a tourist resort with endless beaches of black sand. It's a new settlement with many restaurants, hotels, rented rooms and a few orchards in the outer lying areas, located 10km from Fira.

Megalohori is the first village you meet, 6km from Fira, coming up from the port of Athinios. It's a traditional village which has managed to retain its Aegean air of nobility with its neoclassical houses, narrow streets and cobblestone paths.
Messaria is built inland 3.5 km from Hora. It's surrounded by grape fields which provide fine-quality grapes for the winery here, renowned for its excellent wines.

Monolithos is a settlement located near the airport, featuring a fantastic beach.
Oia - built on rocks at a height of 350 metres - attracts thousands of visitors each year from Greece and all over the world who wish to enjoy that unique moment when the sun sinks into the tranquil waters of the Aegean creating an atmosphere of rare beauty.
From Pirgos, 7.6 km from Fira, you literally have all of Santorini at your feet. It's a large Mediterranean village, built on the slope of Prophitis Ilias, the highest point on the island. It's an impressive village that acted as capital of the Island until 1800. Kasteli, a small village with a spectacular view, is built on the top of the hill.

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Accommodation in Santorini island

For your stay in Santorini, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Fira, Oia as well as ...

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