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Tourist Guide of Pella

As an ideal destination, the prefecture of Pella combines snowy peaks, lakes and rivers in an unforgettable beauty of natural ingredients. Well known are the famous waterfalls of Edessa, small and big, in various formations that fascinate and excite.

The mountains of the prefecture, Voras, Pinovo and Jenna, Paiko and Vermio, pristine areas, are ideal for climbing and hiking experiences.

Voras mount is crossed by the European E4 and E6 paths. Here lies the ski resort of Voras- Kaimaktsalan and the neighboring traditional village of Agios Athanasios.
In Loutraki, there are spas facilities known as Loutraki - Pozar, from the hot springs that gush from the bed of St. Nikolas.
The complex of caves and the majestic canyon of Ramno Bohr, complete the experience.

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Vegoritida Lake is one of the deepest lakes in the country and the artificial lake of Agra - Nisi – Vrytta is ideal for boating and fishing, while the rivers Loudias and Vodas are areas of high ecological interest.
Visit the capital of the prefecture, Edessa, and admire the wonderful nature and the famous waterfalls, wander through the quaint paths of Agios Athanasios and you will be enchanted by its traditionalism, and then raise your adrenaline levels making a stop at the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan Mount.

The perfecture is full of remarkable religious heritage monuments.
The Church of the Assumption or Old Cathedral of Edessa, in the preserved district of Varosi, built in the 14th century.
Of interest are the capitals of the temple from the ancient church, dating to the 5th and 6th centuries.
The Church of the Apostles, Peter and Paul, in the same district, it is believed that was part of a great Byzantine church.
The Holy Monastery of the Archangels has been erected on the site of the Monastery of St. John the Baptist and is characterized by the famous hagiographies that adorn its interior.
The Church of the Assumption or Holy Metropolis of Giannitsa, where, according to tradition, it was used wine instead of water for its construction. Many other monuments reveal the devotion and loyalty of the residents.

Findings from various historical periods, dating from Neolithic times and over, give the trace of human presence in Pella.
Ancient Pella was the capital of the Macedonian state from the beginning of the 4th century and witnessed the heyday of the Hellenistic era.
Excavations have unearthed a well-organized city, worthy of its history. The archaeological site has revealed the palace where the kings of Macedonians, Philip and Alexander were born, the Agora and buildings, in which were found extremely mosaics that are exhibited in the Museum of Pella. Another important city in the region is the ancient Edessa with a strong presence in all historical periods.

For your stay in Pella, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns.
In Edessa, Kaimakstalan - Voras, Pozar hot springs as well as in many other areas of Pella, there are hotels and accommodations of various categories and types (rooms to let, residences, Bed & Breakfast inns, studios, hostels, guesthouses and furnished apartments) that can satisfy every visitor's demands and needs for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
You will find wonderful hotels, rooms and apartments to let of all categories and price ranges.


Accommodation in Pella

For your stay in Pella, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Edessa, Kaimakstalan - Vo...

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