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Tourist guide of Magnesia

Plentiful running waters, picturesque paths, frilled coasts consist the characteristic of the prefecture that has an excellent developed tourist infrastructure.

Volos has a special charm. The good street layout, the neoclassical buildings and the parks, the night life give a special color to the city. Volos has a remarkable cultural activity and a vivid university community.
At Volos, it is worth visiting the Papastratos building, the monument of those who struggled for the National Independence, the bridge that unites the sea front with the port, the coastal foot-walk, the park of Agios Konstantinos, the Field of Mars, the church of Zoodochos Pigi, the church of Panagia tis Trypas, closed inside a cave, the old industrial buildings, the monastery of Sourvia as well as the stone arched bridge and the three-arched bridge.

It is worth visiting as well the villages Melissatika and Fytoko. You can swim in Anavros and Alykes. The village of Agios Georgios of Nilia is amphitheatrically built, with a view to the Pagasitikos gulf. At the place "Rachi Agiou Georgiou" you can have an unlimited view and a coffee-restaurant runs. Visit the faucet Pesmen, as well as the mansion houses of the area.

Agios Dimitrios and Agios Ioannis will impress you. Agios Dimitrios is a Pelion village and Agios Ioannis is a modern resort center with a strong tourist life.
Visit the paned with slabs square of Xirovrysi as well as the picturesque bridge at the route Agios Ioannis - Papa Nero beach.

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Agios Lavrentios is one of the most beautiful villages of Pelion, which owes its name to the historical monastery of the area. At the square Chatzini, the waters of the torrent Vrychonas flow in a deep coomb.

Agria has a remarkable tourist life during the summer, which is a coastal town at the shores of Pagasitikos gulf. Near Agria, there is found the coastal area Soutrali while at the roots of Pelion there is the village Alli Meria, with platans and running waters.

Almyros is built near the national road of Athens- Thessaloniki. At the fertile plain of Almyros there are cultured breadstuffs, garden truck, cotton, olives, almonds and vineyards. At the port of Agios Ioannis, boats, fishing and excursion boats stop. At Almyros there is Kiouri, an aesthetical forest of oaks, the oly one in Europe. There are also found the ponds Zirelia, near Efxinoupolis, a water-biotope with a great environmental interest.

With a view at the lowland areas of Almyros and at the bulges of Othrya, you will be impressed by the route Almyros- Kofoi - Tsatali, while by the forest of black firs at the place Milia you will see impressive age-long trees. Visit Ano, Kato, Nea Moni of Panagia Xenia.

Alykes is a resort centre and suburb of Volos. You can visit the beautiful seaside foot walk, the district of Agios Stefanos, the church of Agiso Nikolaos, the Pefkakia, the archeological site of Dimitriada as well as the ancient Amfanes at the location Soros.
Amaliapoli is a seaside village with a strong tourist life and with the island Kikinthos and the Loutraki cove, from where you can admire the sunset. Anavra, Anilio, Argalasti, Velestino, Veneto, Vyzitsa and Dimini are stock farming villages.
Velestino is the homeland of the literary man, nation martyr and protagonist of the movement of the modern Greek enlightenment, Rigas Velestinlis (Feraios). At Velestino, it is worth visiting the Charta of Rigas which is found in a room of the city-hall, the statue of Rigas Velenstinlis, the bust of Rigas and the monument of the battle of Velestino.

Suburb of Volos, built at the roots of Pelion is Ano Volos, Iolkos, Agios Onoufrios and Anakasia. At the coastal zone of the Pagasitikos, inside a fertile lowland area Ano and Kato Lechonia are built.
Afissos is a resort centre with a strong island color. You can swim at the beaches Lagoudi, Kallifteri, Ambovo, Razi and Agia Efthymia.

Spread around the farthest part of Pteleos cove, the beautiful resort dorp of Acchileio is found.
At the area there is also found the dorp of Agios Dimitrios, with picturesque beaches, while opposite the coasts of Agios Dimitrios there is the island of Alonisos. You can visit sea caves at the rocky and imposing coasts of the village Veneto. At Vyzitsa, if you decide to visit the cave of Centaur Cheiron, you should know that the access is difficult.
At Dimini it would be an omission if you didn't visit the archeological site, while at Drakeia you can visit the arched bridge.
Zagora has a special color. Zagora consists of 4 quarters: Perachora, Agia Kyriaki, Agios Georgios and Metamorphosi. At Zagora there are located a big agricultural   partnership and a female agrotourist uninion, which prepares traditional products.

The seaside resort Kala Nera presents a remarkable tourist life. Near Kala Nera, there is the resort dorp of Koropi and the dorp Ogla.
Kalamaki watches the Aegean Sea, while Lambinou has blue green waters and characteristic rocks. Almost on the wave, there are the houses of the resort dorp of Kalamos. Apart from the beach of the dorp, you can swim at the beaches Kalogria, Tsakni, Agios Sostis, Marmaro, Belian, Kalamaki and Spilia.

Resort and seaside dorps are Kastri, Katigiorgis, Kato Gatzea and Ano Gatzea, Lefokastro, Malaki, Milina, Mikro, Mortia (at Mortia  there are the Loubarda, breathtaking sculptures of the nature), Lyri and Katochori, while traditional villages are Keramidi, Kamari, Kissos, Lafkos, Makrirachi, the picturesque head village of Pelion, Milies, Mouresi and Damouchari, Neochori, Xinovrysi and Potistika, Pinakates, the known  Portaria, Pouri, Promyri, Pteleos, Stagiates, Siki, Trikeri, Tsagarada, Chania with the snow center of Pelion at the location Agriolefkes and the reserve at the same area, the beautiful resort center of Chorefto, port of Zagora and Agioi Saranta.

Makrynitsa is a tenable traditional dorp which is known for its excellent architectural feature and the wonderful view to Volos and Pagasitikos gulf. Other resort dorps are Pigadi, Palsi and Melani, Platanidia, Platania, Sourpi and Nies.

If you are found at the prefecture of Magnesia, you should buy traditional spoon sweets, jams, fruit liqueurs, aromatic oil and vinegar, pickles, tsitsiravla, textiles, ceramics, honey, wine, tsipouro, chylopites. You should taste local specialties like spetsofai, pumpkin flowers, strapatsada, bean soup, mountain mushrooms, seafood etc.

For your stay in Magnesia, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns.
In Volos, as well as in many other areas of Magnesia and Pelion, there are hotels and accommodations of various categories and types (rooms to let, residences, Bed & Breakfast inns, studios, hostels, guesthouses and furnished apartments) that can satisfy every visitor's demands and needs for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
You will find wonderful hotels, rooms and apartments to let of all categories and price ranges.


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For your stay in Magnesia, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Volos town, as well as...

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