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Thessaly Railway Museum in Volos

It is housed on the first floor of the railway station of Volos, built in 1882 after the liberation of the city from the Turks, on a design by Evaristo de Chirico, father of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico.

The station building, with the simple neoclassical typology of facades, the open double roof and the wooden decoration on its contour, is one of the few buildings that were left in the city after the earthquakes, and it was a vital cell of the commercial, economic, cultural and social life of the city.

The floor of the building has hosted in recent years, a rich material of train, of bric-a-brac and documentary material, such as rare photographs, uniforms of that era, old telegraphs, primitive tools, kiosks for booking tickets of the 19th century by wood and bronze, craftsmanship carvings, old clocks, tools, machine parts, lights etc.

The Tours (information on technical data, track changes, the kind of work of the old railway staff, about printing machines) to Railway Museum area (on the top floor of the traditional building of OSE), due to the nature of the exhibits, are made by qualified technicians, daily, in working hours, upon telephone request.
The entrance is free. - Tel: (+030) 24210.23.644


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