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Route: Athens - Skoutari Laconia Route map. From Athens to Skoutari Laconia. The kilometrical distance and time needed.
Route: Sparta - Skoutari LaconiaRoute map. From Sparta to Skoutari Laconia. The kilometrical distance and time needed.
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The picturesque Skoutari another settlement of Mani is an ideal destination for relaxing holidays.

It is the continuation of ancient Vordoni that sank into the sea by a powerful earthquake, similar to what caused the sinking of Atlantis.

The name Skoutari means shield in ancient Greek and was the base of the pirate Barbarossa or Red Beard. During the Turkish occupation it was the bastion of Hellenism and could not step on the Turkish territory.

Very close to the village, in the beautiful bay of Skoutari, on the left, the sandy beaches of "Kalamaki" and "Ankara" at the center "Vordoni coast" and right the pebble beach "Agia Varvara".

If you are involved in spearfishing worth wander the bottom of the region and admire various ancient artefacts such as columns, ancient walls etc.

The village has a classical traditional architecture of Mani and offers splendid and spotless .

In the village center stands the proud "old tower", a tower that can withstand the ravages of time for many decades.

In the area there are many churches with some ruined remains of wall paintings and other in good condition, such as the Assumption of Our Lady, the iconostasis of which was donated in 1688, the Lyberakis Gerakaris who brought from Istanbul

Some of the churches worth visiting are the Church of St . John Rigana , Church of Panagia ( Virgin Mary ) located in the village Church of Ag. Triada and many other attractions that will attract your interest.

 Starting from Skoutari you can visit many archaeological sites in Mani region. The unique world Diros Caves , the picturesque Kotrona , cosmopolitan Gythio , and the medieval kingdom of Mystras, Monemvasia and other unique locations.

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