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The historical bridge of Plaka in Tzoumerka


The well-known bridge of Plaka, is one of the most beautiful, famous and greatest stone bridges that exist in Greece, with a bow of 40 meters opening. Also, consists of two small, supporting bows of 6 meters opening.

It has a total length of 61 meters, the central arch of 40 meters, the greatest height is 21 meters and the width on the top is 3,20 meters.

With its construction, make easier the transportations of the residents of the villages of the area that are build on the side of Tzoumerka that were forced to pass through Araxthos.

The historical bridge of Plaka is a masterpiece of folklore architecture, of an excellent technique worth of admiration.
It was built by Konstantinos Bekas in 1866. It is considered as the most beautiful bridge in Valkania and third in Europe.

The first attempt of construction is made at 1863, but fell down at opening day, in front of the surprised eyes of people there.

Another serious attempt of disaster happened from the Germans in 1944.

In a smal distance from the bridge is the old Xani that was signed the " agreement of Plaka" , between the organisation of Elas (the area was a border Elas- Edes from 1943 until 1944)

The period of 1881- 1913 Araxthos was a border of Greece with Turkey , today the transportation is happen between the bridge of new type, a little bit further than the new one. Still consists of the beginning of extraordinary routes with rafting or canoe at river Araxthos.

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1/2/2015 the historical bridge of Plaka was broken down
From the powerful raining the historical bridge of Plaka in Tzoumerka collapsed.

The prime minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras, after the conseption in the Center of Political Protection expressed his sorrow for the breakdown of the historical bridge and ensured that a team of the ministry of civilization from Athens will test all the historical monuments of the area, between others the historical bridge of Arta, also will conversate about the bridge of Arta that collapsed.

In shock condition

The residents of Tzoumerka were shocked about the collapse of the bridge that was a part of cultural heritage of the area.
Everyone in the area says that they were uninterested for maters of supporting the bridge.  The master Xarilaos Mitsis, says characteristically: "Today, happened the biggest crime ever, caused by apathy. I declared  many time the risk of breaking down. The last effort was last year at January, when i continuously asked for an immediate intervention ".

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