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Sykia of Halkidiki

The biggest village and one of the finest and oldest villages of Sithonia. The settlement has existed since the 14th century, with the name Logos and it was the centre of the administrative district called "Kapetanikio Apro". Later, the village and the whole surrounding area with its fertile land was a dependency of Mount Athos (Agion Oros). The Sykiotians were famous warriors and untamed people and participated in all revolutions that took place in Halkidiki, against the Turks.

The nowadays name is owed to a large fig tree (Sykia) that stood outside the village, or by another version, that is built in the shadow (in Greek Skia) of Mount Athos (Agion Oros). The village has managed so far to keep quite well its traditional architectural character and Sykiotians remained intractable and very hospitable people and maintained their own dialect and their very distinct dances. It has nice, small, narrow streets with well-preserved houses with loggia and terraces.

In the northern hill of the village dominates the imposing stone church of St. Athanasios, which was built in 1814, destroyed in 1854 (from the Macedon chieftain Tsamis Karatasos, who burned the Turks inside the church who were dominating Sikia by then) and rebuilt in 1856. Beside the temple is the wonderful old village school with stone columns, built in 1870. 
The village is about 2 km from the main road to the mainland. 
The nearby beaches are superb. 

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Sightseeing - Archaeological Sites:

  • The church of St. Athanasios.
  • The old school.
  • The ruins of a Byzantine church in Episkopi.
  • The windmills on the beach.
  • The prehistoric castle on hill Coukos.

At Sykia is living and working the self-taught artist (of stone), Philemon Zilotis. A stoned chiseller with the hammer, the matrakas, the needle and the cutter is giving to stone shapes of people, lions, masculine busts. His passion is the ancient Greek spirit and the " immortals" of the country: Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Democritus, Plato and Pavlos Melas who chiselling with care on the dark granite stone with scattered " sparks"of blue, white, black, yellow and gold located in Kalamitsi and Dragounteli.

Sykia is 155 km far from Thessaloniki.

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You can access Halkidiki by car through the road network.
The best way to explore the area is to have your own car and is worth to visit places that are not accesible by the local public transport and tours.
Moving around within Halkidiki is made possible by using the bus from Halkidiki, with regular routes between areas.
The airline connection of Halkidiki is via the "Macedonia" airport.
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For your stay in Halkidiki, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Halkidiki, there are ...

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You can access Halkidiki by car through the road network. The best way to explore the area is to have your own car and ...

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