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Ski Resort in Pelion, Agriolefkes

The ski resort is found at the top "Agriolefkes" of the mountain Pelion of the Prefecture of Magnesia.
Pelion is a mountain bulge of excellent natural beauty, which is the center of attraction for tourists and visitors throughout the year. The location of the ski resort at the mountain bulge of Pelion has the following characteristics:
A mid time distance from the city of Volos (about 45 minutes by a car in usual circumstances)
A relatively good road net by which the access to the ski resort is assured
The ski resort has a relatively good access to the sea as well as to the islands of North Sporades (through the port of Volos).

Building infrastructure
Today, at the ski resort of Pelion function:
5 elevators, of total potency 2000 persons/hour
3 aerial (2 single-seater, 1 two-seater) and 2 haled ones
Ski runs of total length 7.5 km
2.5 km of descent skiing
5 km of ambulatory skiing
A resort of potency of 80 persons

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Parking places
Parking places: there are 3 parking places of total capacity of 350 cars. 

The chalet of the ski resort
At the highest point of Pelion, inside the ski resort, there is a wonderful chalet place that offers a pleasant break to its visitors from their compulsive winter activities.

At the chalet you will find a warm and hospitable place, decorated with traditional elements and a lot of style. Its stone fireplace will accompany you for as long as you enjoy your hot coffee, while the wonderful view from its wooden windows will hold you down.
Enjoy from there the whole Pelion until the sea of the Aegean.

The gang atmosphere and the warm decoration with the fur details lead the visitor to love it. If the clear atmosphere of the mountain has grown your appetite, at chalet you will find different tasty snacks that will "brisken" you for your later exciting adventures.

The chalet is a center of attraction for many visitors as it is the only one in the area and contributes as well by its turn to the idyllic landscape.

Summer activities
At the top of Pelion, at an altitude of 1500m through a forest of beech and wild trees, with panoramic sea views, is the "Mountainous Center of Sports and Entertainment Action" of the Development Company of Magnesia, with four different actions of mountainous tourism.

How to go there

  •  By car:
    The access to Pelion Ski Centre is easy via the very good road network.
    Distances and routes:
    From Volos: 27 km Route Map. The road trip from Volos to Pelion Ski Centre.
    From Athens: 356 km Route Map. The road trip from Athens to Pelion Ski Centre.
    From Thessaloniki: 234 km Route Map. The road route from Thessaloniki to Pelion Ski Centre. 

  • By bus:
    There is a very regular connection to Athens, Thessaloniki and all major cities with Volos. From here, there is also a very frequent connection to the villages of Pelion.
    Bus station of Athens: 260 Liosion ave

  • By train:
    The connection to Volos is regular. Then, you take the bus.

Tips - Suggestions

  • Do not miss the very beautiful experience and the fun of the evening parties that are organized frequently in Ski Resort.
  • A must will be a visit to the traditional village of the absolute protection and of unique architectural character, Makrinitsa, Roadmap. The road route from Makrinitsa to Pelion Ski Centre. The mileage distance and the time that you will need, that is known as the balcony of Pelion, due to its geographical position...
  • Another unique experience, if your time allows you to remain in the region, is the tour of Pelion.
    The mountain that the myth refers as the summer residence of the Olympian gods and the magical land of the Centaurs, raises imposing and green over Volos, between Pagassitikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea.
    In the magical atmosphere of Pelion landscape, the history blends with the legend, the wild with the calm, yesterday with today...


Accommodation in Pelion

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