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Profitis Ilias - Chapel of Agios Stefanos

A walk of 1,040m, taking 25 minutes and graded 3.5 for difficulty. The walk begins on the Lekada-Lazarata road, at the location known as Katapotira, at the entrance to the village of Spanohori. Proceeding a few metres along the asphalt road, and then a stone-paved path, we come to the first of our destinations, the Chapel of Profitis Ilias . We then carry on until we come to the Chapel of Agios Stefanos, built inside a cave.

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00:00  We park on the right of the provincial road, in the specially laid out parking area (GPS: Ν38 46 832, Ε20 40 490, Η=415m). We cross the road and come to a fork, taking the uphill road to the left towards the Profitis Ilias Chapel. After 150m we turn right onto a dirt road and after 25m come to the start of the path, on our left.  Access map. Starting point of Profitis Ilias - Chapel of Agios Stefanos hiking route
00:04 We proceed up the path between dry stone walls, with olive groves and old vineyards to our right and left. After two successive turns, one right one left, we arrive, after walking 60m, at a turning to the right, which we ignore.
00:12 The vegetation becomes more dense here, since the fields beside the track have long since been abandoned. The path becomes more level and after a while we come to the asphalt road.
00:16 Here we leave the path, which merges with the asphalt road on which we proceed for 100 metres. After a while we come to the path again, on our right.
00:19 We continue along the dirt path, proceeding gently uphill, and come to the Chapel of Profitis Ilias (GPS: Ν38 46 968, Ε20 40 936, Η=500m). This is a good place to rest and enjoy a cool drink of water from the deep well in the courtyard, admiring the view of the town of Lefkada, Preveza and the Ionian Sea, as well as the villages of Spanohori, Lazarata and Asproyerakata. The Profitis Ilias Monastery was, according to old documents, granted in a derelict condition to the priest Meletios Vonasieris, by the Venetian government. Vonasieris rebuilt the monastery but repeated fires destroyed the greater part of it. It was recently repaired and is open to visitors. Its feast day, marked by popular celebrations with music and dancing, is 20th July.Returning to the path and proceeding on our way round the back of the church, we come to a country road, which we cross. Continuing along the path we move uphill through thick vegetation and then up the steep ascent to the top. After a few more metres we come to some steps, made of concrete, which we descend carefully because the steps are narrow and steep. At the bottom we come to a narrow path bordered by rocks to the left and a makeshift protective structure of rope and railings to the right. We now come to some more steps, which we ascend, arriving at the Agios Stefanos Chapel (GPS: Ν38 46 953, Ε20 40 983, Η=505m)   Access map. Finishing point of Profitis Ilias - Chapel of Agios Stefanos hiking route. The church is built within 
00:25 a cave and enjoys a wonderful view over the eastern side of the island, the Akarnanian coast and Kalamos.

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