Prefecture of Chania, a powerful figure..

Chania Prefecture, a powerful figure 
In the western part of Crete is the prefecture of Chania that is bordered to the east by the Prefecture of Rethymno. The waters of the Cretan Sea in the north and the Libyan Sea in the south wash the three sides of Chania. The backbone of the prefecture is Lefko Oros with dozens of peaks and the highest of all is Pachnes (2454 m.) It forms large plateaus, as Omalos (altitude of 1080 m) and Askifos (altitude of 730 m). The wild gorges and ravines, such as these of Agia Irini, Samaria The road trip Chania - Samaria Gorge in OmalosAradena, Imvros are impressive.

The abundant waters from sources create rivers with the larger of them Platanias (ancient Iardano) and Kiliaris.

Between the peninsulas are formed the four great and safe bays, Kissamos, Chania, Georgioupoli and Souda that is hosting the safest and largest port in Greece.

The islands of the county are small and uninhabited: The island of Souda, Saint Theodore, Imeri and Agria Gramvousa.
The exception is Gavdos Island, the southernmost inhabited point of Europe and the only inhabited island of Crete, opposite Sfakia.


Chania Perfecture, a paradise!!!
Chania, a place full of natural beauty, history, memories and culture.
Indented coasts, sandy coves and islets. Rough but majestic canyons, caves, rivers and green plain with olive and citrus trees the visitor will encounter. A place that is rich in animals and plants, endemic and rare. The visitors will experience the Cretan soul, will taste the unique flavors, and will feel the hospitality. Anywhere they will feel the memories of the past, the moments of legend, history and glory.

Tourist Guide of Chania
Chania district situated on the western edge of Crete charms foreign and Greek visitors alike with its stunning ravines and dramatic caves, its sparkling lakes and the marvelous beaches decorating its shores. Chania district's numerous archaeological sites stimulate the interest of all who set foot there.

Chania capital of the province, is a delightful city, combining old and new elements in an attractive way. Its many graphic neighborhoods have well-laid out street plans with wide roads, shady squares and well-preserved Classical mansions.
Agia Marina Route Map: Chania - Agia Marina  is a well-known tourist resort nearby the summer resorts of Ano Stalos and Kato Stalos Route Map: Chania - Kato Stalos Travel guide Chania - Kato Stalos.
There is a water cave in Agia Marina with stalactites and stalagmites while right across is the small island of Agios Theodori where the kri-kri, the wild Cretan goat is raised.
To visit you need a permit from the Forestry Department.

On the shores of the Livikou Pelagous not far from the exit from Samarias Gorge is Agia Roumeli and on the Akrotiri(peninsula) there's the island's airport built on an extensive plateau.
On verdant plains planted with citrus orchards is the beautiful village of Alikianos. There you can see the artificial lake Agias, an aquatic nature preserve and a resting spot for migratory birds.

Embrace the trunk of the world's oldest olive tree in Chania

Monumental Olive Tree in VouvesIn the village of Vouves, located 30 km from Chania, you will find a living piece of the history of the island. It's a huge olive tree, said to be the oldest olive tree in the world, since its age is estimated to range from 2,500 to 5,000 years!
With a wreath of its branches the winners of the classic marathon 2010 were crowned, when the 2,500 years were completed since the Battle of Marathon. The olive tree has been designated as a monument since 1997 and next to it is the Museum of Elia Vouves.
Tel. : +30 28240.22.279

By Elvira Drakaki in "We go to Greece"

Charming villages with traditional houses hidden among the greenery are Asi Gonia, Vamos, Voukolies, Vrises, Gavalochori, Epanachori, Elos, Theriso, Imbros, Kandanos, Kastelli Kissamou, Kefali, Kournas, Malaxa, Meskla, Mournies, Perivolia, Platanos, Polyrineia, Sougia, Souda, Stilos, Topolia and Floria.
Tourist villages are Galatas and Georgioupoli near the river Almiros and the tourist resort Kavros with modern hotel facilities. Daratsos is a tourist area where one shouldn't miss the region Agii Apostoli Agii Apostoli in Crete  while the heavenly islet of Elafonisi will certainly impress you. Make sure to visit the cedar forest across Kedrodasos.

Kaluves is a beautiful seaside village with vivid island colours and Koumbari is a graphic village right on the edge of the sea with fish taverns and a small harbor with fishing boats. From there you can visit Cape Spatha. You can also visit the traditional settlement of Tavronitis near the mouth of the Tavronitis River. Maleme is also a beautiful seaside village with quite a bit of tourist traffic. Nearby is the summer resort Pirgos Psilonerou.

The Askifou Plateau surrounded by the high peaks of the Lefka Ori is spectacular with numerous paths and a mountain shelter you can hike to.
The mountain range of the storied Omalou is enchanting which has among other sites the Tzani Cave. From Palaiochora you can visit Elafonisi  Travel guide Chania -Elafonisi and Anidrou Gorge and the tourist settlement Grammeno.
The graphic summer resort Platania has a lot of tourism while on its outskirts is the summer resort of Gerani.

Falasarna Travel guide Chania - Falasarna on the west coast has an extensive sandy beach and turquoise waters while Frangokastello Travel guide Chania - Frangokastello on the southern coast is a seaside community built near the famous Venetian fortress.
Chrysoskalitissa is a small summer resort built near the monastery Panagia Chrysoskalitissa. Travel guide Chania - Monastery of Chrysoskalitissa If you happen to be in the area, visit the Bay of Stomio with its rocky shore and the limnodexmanes of the area.

The village The (Chora of Sfakia Travel guide Chania - Sfakia ) Sfakia town is a historical village with many elements of traditional architecture. It's known for its superb traditional cuisine but also for its tradition of feuding and vendetta. Chora Sfakion's harbor is linked to Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Sougia, Paleochora Travel guide Chania - Paleochora and Gavdo by small ships that make frequent routes. The charming and remote seaside village of Loutro is worth a visit with its sheltered cove and island 'look', as is the Daskalogianni Cave which is only accessible by sea and the Ancient Theatre.

If you get to Chania, make sure to purchase local delicacies. Try Sfakiani Tourta, Chochlious(snails cooked in red wine sauce), Boureki, Kreas Tsigaristo and Chtapodosalata (octopus salad).

Crossing the gorges
Natural magic have the dozens gorges of Chania.

The most famous and the most known of all is Samaria gorge or Faragas Travel Route for Samaria gorge from Agia Roumeli that has a length of 16 km and a width of 3.5 to 150 meters.
The vertical walls can reach the 500 meters. For crossing you will need 5 to 6 hours and is allowed from May to October.
The gorge of Agia Irini is rich in greenery, in Selino place, that reaches the length of 7.5 km and its narrowest point is 10m wide. From the most imposing is Imvros gorge in Sfakia, 7km in length, width, in some places, 2 m and 300 m the height of the rocky walls. Wild with special echo is Topoliano gorge.
Other wild gorges are Trypiti, Klados of Elygia, Aradena, The travel route from Chania to the Aradena bridge Koure, Asfendou, Agios Nektarios and Kalikratis in Sfakia, Therisos near Chania, the only one a car can cross it, Rokka and Polirinia in Kissamos, Boriana in Karanou and Diktamos in Keramia, which is the only with direction from West to East.


Alternative tourism
The prefecture of Chania combines mountain and sea and is a paradise for those looking for alternative forms of tourism.
The traveler, on the mountains, will see small traditional villages with stone houses that have been restored and provide the opportunity of accommodation. So he will meet the Cretan nature, the Cretan way of life and he will enjoy the local products.
The fans of agro-tourism will find accommodation in Vama, Apokoronas, Milia and in Cave of Kissamos, places that attract global attention.

Mountaineering and climbing
It is a big challenge for the adventurous the mountaineering on the mountains of Chania Prefecture.
There are 4 shelters in White Mountains, at the location of Kallergis, at Omalos(altitude 1680 m), for up to 40 people, the location of Volikas in Keramia (altitude 1430 m) for up to 30 people, the "Ch. Chouliopoulos" in Svourichti (alt. 1970 m) for 22 people and Tavri Askifou (altitude 1200 m) for 46 people.
The White Mountains are also offered during the winter for crossings with mountaineering skis.
In Chania operates the Mountaineering Association.
Climbing one can do in Kalathas and Stavros in Akrotiri, on the slope of Gigilos, in Therisos gorge, Topolia, Agia Irini, Gre Leska and at many other places.
The mountain bike is a challenge, as also the hunting in mountainous hinterland.

For your stay in Chania, you can book a room in one of the hotels or bed and breakfast inns.
In Chania town, as well as in many other areas of Chania County, there are hotels and various accommodation categories and types (rooms to let, residences, bed and breakfast inns, studios, rentals, hostels, guesthouses, and furnished apartments) that can satisfy every visitor's wants and needs for a pleasant and enjoyable stay.
You will find wonderful hotels, rooms and apartments to let of all categories and price ranges.

Below you will find a list with hotels and lodgings to stay in the area as well as on our webpage under the selected accommodation’s 'offers and deals'. You will also find hotel and lodging price lists, as well as various choices of deals for low-cost holidays and offers for low-cost holidays.

As for nightlife and entertainment in Chania town and Chania county, you'll find various choices of traditional and modern restaurants, local taverns, cafes, clubs, bars, beach-bars and other activities. The high level of service and variety of goods will pay off, whatever choice you make.
Chania has dozens of dining places some simple and traditional, others high-end and luxurious.


Moving around in Chania is easy and convenient by car, via the existing road network.
The best way to explore Chania is to have your own transportation as it is worthwhile visiting places that the local transportation and tours do not reach.
Chania is the ideal place to visit by your own boat, small or big.
It has many points where you can anchor with safety and an amazing view.
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