Pelion Tour, route Volos - Chorefto

1. Volos, Makrinitsa, Anakasia, Portaria, Chania, Snow Center, Zagora, Veneto (caves) Chorefto

The mountain that the myth refers as the summer residence of the gods of Olympus and as the magic country of the Centaurs, raises imposing and green over Volos, between Pagasitikos gulf and the Aegean Sea.
In the magical atmosphere of the Pelion landscape, the history and the legend, the wild and the calm, yesterday and today, all meet.
Here, the marriages of Pileas and Thetis took place, which Omerus, Pindarus and Euripides sang.
From here the legendary Argo with Iason and the Argonauts started for the far journey to Kolchida, seeking the "Golden Fleece".
Near the wise Centaur Chiron, the half-gods Achilleus and Hercules studied, while Asclepius learned the Medicine.
Beyond the myth, however, the tracks of the historical route of Pelion throughout the centuries are printed at the ruins of the ancient towns, at the remnants of the mediaeval castles and at the monuments of old Christian basilicas.
Since the 12th century, Pelion presents at the historical scene as a "monastic state" due to the many monasteries that were built in places mountainous and safe by monks of Agio Oros.
At the passage of the time, around the monasteries of Pelion new dorps are established, which with the translocations of populations of the coast are organized to towns and villages that during the Turkish Domination gain privileges and self-government, resulting to the economical and cultural acme of the second half of the 18th century.

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