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Pelion Tour, route Milies, Vyzitsa - Agria

5. Route: Milies, Vyzitsa, Pinakates, Drakeia, Kato Gatzea, Kala Nera, Platanidia, Afissos, Agios Georgios of Nilia, Agios Lavrentios, Ano and Kato Lehonia, Agria

It was an important center of culture and literature. Here started, in 1821, the revolution in Pelion by the spearheaded Anthimos Gazis. Today Milies, one of the most authentic villages of Pelion, is a creative shelter for many people of letters and art.
The historic Church of the Archangels (1741) in the village square with the splendid gilded iconostasis and remarkable post Byzantine icons.
The inscription “Psyxis Akos”, at the entrance of the famous historic public library of Milies, prepares visitor for his spiritual encounter with rare manuscripts and invaluable old books.
If you find yourself in Milies, do not forget to visit the old station.

Volos - Vyzitsa 31km
In the air is hovering something of nobility, deep culture, history, wisdom.
A beautiful village in harmony with nature, with imposing old mansions that give a unique dimension to the space.

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Volos – Pinakates 27 km
The intense traditional color of the village is mainly due to old mansions.
At the picturesque square dominates the basilica of St. Demetrios and a neoclassical marble fountain of 1894.

Volos - Drakeia 17km
The picturesque Drakeia was built by workers of Epirus around 1655.
The central square is said to be the oldest in Pelion.
Of intense interest are the old mansions in Drakeia, such as Triantfyllos mansion, with 18th-century frescoes, carved doors and carved wooden ceilings.

Kato Gatzea
Volos - Kato Gatzea 17km
It has some of the most organized camping in Pelion.
In the taverns of the coast, visitors can enjoy local tsipouro and seafood dishes with a background of a quiet village harbor.

Kala Nera
Volos - Kala Nera 20km
A busy resort. The poplar, the plane and eucalyptus trees in the beach are creating a small oasis in summer afternoons.
The abundance and quality of the waters that gush from the many fountains near the sea have given the village its name.

Volos - Platanidia 13km
Seaport of Ano Lehonia. In the past was called Methoni and in the area have excavated old Christian basilicas churches with mosaic floors.

Volos - Afissos 26 km
An amphitheatrically built village that belongs to Afeton municipality.
Picturesque, with island style, is surrounded by three beautiful beaches, Kallifteri, Lagoudi and Abovos.
In the shady square of Afissos is spurting water from the source and according to the tradition there the Argonauts drank water shortly before their journey to distant Colchis.
Green, flowery with calm waters and many tourists in summer, Afissos is offered for easy excursions to nearby villages of Pelion.

Agios Georgios, Nilia
Volos - Agios Georgios 22 km
One of the most picturesque villages of Pelion, situated between two ridges, with wonderful views to Pagassitikos bay.
Everything in the village is made with taste, by people who honor our architectural tradition, giving a special meaning to the word "vacation".
Of interest are the Church of St. George and the Ecclesiastical Museum of the Monastery of the Archangels and the Art Museum of the sculptor Nikolas.

Agios Lavrentios
Volos – Agios Lavrentios 20 km
One of the most ancient Pelian villages, whose name was taken from the Byzantine monastery (1378) founded by Blessed Lavrentios.
The whole village is a monument of Pelian Art with wonderful buildings, fountains and cobbled paths.

Ano and Kato Lehonia
Volos – Lehonia 10 km
The gardens of Eden, two havens hidden at the foot of Pelion Mount.
In Ano Lehonia are reserved, since the Turkish occupation, the chateaus of Kokoslis and Olympios and many old neoclassical mansions.

Volos - Agria 7km
It is one of the picturesque villages of Pagassitikos. Very close to Volos, Agria, has a large beach, where, in its many taverns and ouzo bars, you can enjoy Pelian cuisine and seafood delicacies.
Remarkable cultural event is the "Night of Fishing" that is organized on the beach every summer.

The tour

  1. Volos, Makrinitsa, Anakassia, Portaria, Hania, Ski-center, Zagora, Veneto (Spilies), Chorefto
  2. Agii Saranta, Puri, Agios Dimitrios, Kissos (church of Agia Marina), Agios Ioannis, Papa Nero, Tsagarada, Mouresi, Fakistra, Damouhari, Lambinou
  3. Mylopotamos, Neohori, Afetes, Kopopi, Lefokastro, Argalasti, Kalamos, Potistika, Melani, Paltsi, Mourtias
  4. Katigiorgis, Lafkos, Chorto, Milina, Kastri, Platanias, Tzasteni, Agia Kyriaki, Old Trikeri, Trikeri
  5. Milies, Vyzitsa, Pinakates, Drakeia, Kato Gatzea, Kala Nera, Platanidia, Afissos, Agios Georgios of Nilia, Agios Lavrentios, Ano and Kato Lehonia, Agria


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