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Pelion Tour, route Katigiorgis - Trikeri

3. Route: Katigiorgis, Lafkos, Horto, Milina, Kastri, Platanias, Tzasteni, Agia Kyriaki, Palio Trikeri, Trikeri

Volos – Katigiorgis 68 km.
Small picturesque fishing village of the Aegean, opposite the island of Skiathos.
A great place for fishing, with turquoise waters and many small idyllic beaches. Unique is the wandering with horses in the pinewood of Katigiorgis.

Volos – Lafkos 49 km.
Large village of South Pelion, with unlimited views to Pagassitikos.
In the picturesque cobbled streets and the well-preserved houses is hovering the air of a bygone era.
At the edge of the square with the plane trees, next to the old school, are exhibited sculptures by Thanassis Fampas made by Pelian white marbles.
Of interest is the Monastery of Agios Athanasios (1795) in a lush ravine.

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Volos – Chorto 47 km.
Almost nothing has changed for thirty years in this beautiful "hug" of Pagassitikos. The houses, built next to one another, are licking the waves, lined wisely in a cheerful agreement.
Towards the end of August, at the outdoor theater of Chorto, take place cultural events known throughout Greece.
Chorto, also, is having the proper infrastructure, attracts tourists interested in windsurf and sailing.

Volos – Milina 50 km.
Opposite Alatas island and many other lands around, Milina combines water sports with the intense nightlife. It is a paradise for all kinds of boats that encounter, during their trips, serene beaches, hidden coves and deserted islands with forgotten monasteries.
In recent years, Milina is an anchorage for sailing boats, from where dozens of sailboats sail to the coasts of Pagassitikos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Evia.
A riot of colors in a strange stirring, just before the magic moment when night succeeds the day.

Volos – Kastri 62 km.
In spring the wildflowers go down to the heady beach of Aegean.
Nothing else sounds but the wave’s splash, the whispering of the wind and the call of some boatman.
In the summer, "Bougazi" wind of the area makes it ideal for windsurfing, while the boats can reach inaccessible beaches.

Volos – Platanias 61 km.
Various kinds of fishing boats and yachts are crossing the waters, in all directions.
Platanias is surrounded by beautiful beaches and is the largest fishing harbor in Magnesia.
In the evening, in the taverns, you can taste plenty of fish and seafood.
In the summer, Platanias is ferry connected with the islands of the Northern Sporades and Evia.

Driving to Trikeri, an unexpected miracle appears from one turn of the road. Tzasteni emerges between two seas and is mirrored in their waters.

Agia Kyriaki
Trikeri - Agia Kyriaki 4.5 km
An "state" island, hanging over a bright blue clear sea, where countless boats sway and reflect their colors in the calm waters of the harbor.

Palio Trikeri
An island without vehicles, with a small picturesque village and quiet beaches.
The hospitable monastery of Panagia dominates the top.
Across are “Mikra” islands.

Volos – Trikeri 78 km
A sample of the diversity of Pelion is the village of Trikeri with all the features of an island settlement.
The inhabitants were fishermen, sponge divers and brave captains, whose mansions are preserved till today and dominate the narrow streets of the village.
Alive is kept the tradition that wants the village women to wear the local costumes in the celebrations and the picturesque feasts.
Of interest are the churches of St. Athanasios and Trinity where is there Napoleon’s throne.

The tour

  1. Volos, Makrinitsa, Anakassia, Portaria, Hania, Ski-center, Zagora, Veneto (Spilies), Chorefto
  2. Agii Saranta, Puri, Agios Dimitrios, Kissos (church of Agia Marina), Agios Ioannis, Papa Nero, Tsagarada, Mouresi, Fakistra, Damouhari, Lambinou
  3. Mylopotamos, Neohori, Afetes, Kopopi, Lefokastro, Argalasti, Kalamos, Potistika, Melani, Paltsi, Mourtias
  4. Katigiorgis, Lafkos, Chorto, Milina, Kastri, Platanias, Tzasteni, Agia Kyriaki, Old Trikeri, Trikeri
  5. Milies, Vyzitsa, Pinakates, Drakeia, Kato Gatzea, Kala Nera, Platanidia, Afissos, Agios Georgios of Nilia, Agios Lavrentios, Ano and Kato Lehonia, Agria


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