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Pelion Tour, route Agii Saranta - Lambinou

2. Route: Agii Saranta, Puri, Agios Dimitrios, Kissos (church of Agia Marina), Agios Ioannis, Papa Nero, Tsagarada, Mouresi, Fakistra, Damouhari, Lambinou

Agii Saranta
A vast beach, unexploited, so magical.

Green and blue waters as clear as the crystal, endless sand, a virgin place where imagination roams free and leaves its faint footprints on the golden sand.

Volos – Puri 52 km
A dreamy green ravine separates Zagora from Puri, the last village on the road to East Pelion.
The village square, built on three levels, is a natural balcony to the Aegean Sea, where visitors can "discover" both the beautiful isolated beaches of the area, Vrios and Elitsa.

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Agios Dimitrios
Volos - 52 km Agios Dimitrios
Traditional village with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea, ideal for relaxing winter or summer holidays.
Its cobbled streets, the flower-covered courtyards, the squares with fountains and the traditional chapels will be unforgettable.

Kissos (church of Agia Marina)
Volos – Kissos 52 km
The village of Kissos overlooks Aegean and is immersed in greenery.
According to the historian C. Kordatos, the name of the village comes from the paraphrase of the word “Chrysos”.
The church of Agia Marina in Kissos, built in the 17th century, is the most important basilica in Pelion, with a carved iconostasis and paintings, landscapes and genre painting by the painter G. Pagonis.

Agios Ioannis
Volos - 55 km Agios Ioannis
A cosmopolitan resort of East Pelion, Agios Ioannis is built on a beautiful beach with white pearl pebbles. Emerald waters and red roofs that lost in deep green slopes complete the charming landscape.
Enchanting is the sunrise that emerges from the sea in a mix of rosy colors. It is the first awakening, in a place where summer is full of life until late in the evening, when the night spreads its veils leading us on the nightly attractions of Agios Ioannis.
Touched by two unique beauty beaches of Plaka and Papa Nero, Agios Ioannis attracts thousands of visitors.

Papa Nero
Along with Plaka adds a fabulous touch to the spectacular setting of Agios Ioannis.
The combination of mountain and sea creates this fantastic beach that is considered one of the most beautiful in Greece.

Volos – Tsagarada 51 km
Tsagarada means beautiful view and in another version, a royal village.
It is a place for all seasons, magic and white in winter, covered in wildflowers in spring, cool and full of hydrangeas in summer, submerged in red-yellow color of the leafs, in autumn.
The four districts of Tsagarada, with the running waters, arched bridges, squares, churches, old and new mansions are ideal places to stay and rest.

Volos – Mouresi 55 km
One of the oldest villages of Pelion.
It was originally built on the beach of Damouhari, where we observe the existence of an old Byzantine castle and a settlement.
Picturesque are its square with huge shady linden trees and the church of Holy Trinity with the wonderful "slotted iconostasis".

Like cyclopean walls, the steep cliffs of the Aegean protect the jewel: the wild and remote beach of Fakistra, where you can feel like a happy castaway.
In the northern part of Fakistra there are two historic caves.
The sea-cave of Panagia Megalomata, which is full of stalactites and a few meters above, the cave where the years of Turkish occupation was the Secret School of Tsagarada.

Volos - 59 km Damouhari
The only natural harbor of the wild Aegean side of Pelion.
An old Venetian myth wants the expression “dos mou hari (give me grace)" to christen the area of Damouhari. At the church of St. Nikolas there are wonderful paintings by Pagonis since 1800.
The old Damouhari is connected to Tsagarada with a traditional cobbled path. Reputed are the perfectly round, white, oversized pebbles.
The famous twin bay of Damouhari is a masterpiece of natural beauty.

Volos – Lambinou 40 km
The beautiful bosom of the village.
Near the coast is built the monastery of Panagia Lampidona. According to tradition, a divine glow (lampidona), led a captain to a safe harbor where he built the monastery.

The tour

  1. Volos, Makrinitsa, Anakassia, Portaria, Hania, Ski-center, Zagora, Veneto (Spilies), Chorefto
  2. Agii Saranta, Puri, Agios Dimitrios, Kissos (church of Agia Marina), Agios Ioannis, Papa Nero, Tsagarada, Mouresi, Fakistra, Damouhari, Lambinou
  3. Mylopotamos, Neohori, Afetes, Kopopi, Lefokastro, Argalasti, Kalamos, Potistika, Melani, Paltsi, Mourtias
  4. Katigiorgis, Lafkos, Chorto, Milina, Kastri, Platanias, Tzasteni, Agia Kyriaki, Old Trikeri, Trikeri
  5. Milies, Vyzitsa, Pinakates, Drakeia, Kato Gatzea, Kala Nera, Platanidia, Afissos, Agios Georgios of Nilia, Agios Lavrentios, Ano and Kato Lehonia, Agria


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