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Pelion Ski Resort, Tracks, Lifts, Price list

The skiers are served by a total of five lifts, capacity of 2500 pers./hour.
Two aerial lifts with a single seat, one with double seat are connecting the lowest point of the ski slopes with the starting point at the top and two trailing Lifts (plate and Baby lift).
The slopes have a total length of 12 km.
There are three main slopes and a network of snow tracks that connects them, as well with the parking facilities.
There are endurance runs (Lang-lauf) and for beginners, while is advancing the opening of a long track of smooth slope.
In Pelion Ski Centre operates a ski school with qualified coaches and a ski shop, where you can rent the necessary ski equipment (snowboards etc).

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1 Pylones, (Moderate) 500 m
2 - 2a - 2b Thetis (Moderate) 1035 m 200 m 200 m
3 Jason (Moderate) 500 m
4 Panorama (Moderate) 1050 m
5 Centaurs (under construction), (Easy) 1350 m
6 - 6a Beginners (Easy) 2100 m 120 m
7 Endurance run 5000 m


CAPACITY (persons/hour)
P1 single seat 500m 10 350
P2 single seat 600m 160 250
P3 double seat 1000m 270 1200
P4 Plate 450m 100 400
P4 Baby lift 200m 10 400

Price list

Type  Daily Price
half day
Price of WK & Holidays
half day
Normal - € - € - € - €
Reduced - € - € - € - €
One way - € - € - € - €
Reduced annual card - €      
Annual card normal - €      
Family (3 people)* - €      

*The annual family for each extra person - € in the price.

How to go there

  •  By car:
    The access to Pelion Ski Centre is easy via the very good road network.
    Distances and routes:
    From Volos: 27 km Route Map. The road trip from Volos to Pelion Ski Centre.
    From Athens: 356 km Route Map. The road trip from Athens to Pelion Ski Centre.
    From Thessaloniki: 234 km Route Map. The road route from Thessaloniki to Pelion Ski Centre. 

  • By bus:
    There is a very regular connection to Athens, Thessaloniki and all major cities with Volos. From here, there is also a very frequent connection to the villages of Pelion.
    Bus station of Athens: 260 Liosion ave

  • By train:
    The connection to Volos is regular. Then, you take the bus.

Tips - Suggestions

  • Do not miss the very beautiful experience and the fun of the evening parties that are organized frequently in Ski Resort.
  • A must will be a visit to the traditional village of the absolute protection and of unique architectural character, Makrinitsa, Roadmap. The road route from Makrinitsa to Pelion Ski Centre. The mileage distance and the time that you will need, that is known as the balcony of Pelion, due to its geographical position...
  • Another unique experience, if your time allows you to remain in the region, is the tour of Pelion.
    The mountain that the myth refers as the summer residence of the Olympian gods and the magical land of the Centaurs, raises imposing and green over Volos, between Pagassitikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea.
    In the magical atmosphere of Pelion landscape, the history blends with the legend, the wild with the calm, yesterday with today...


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