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Papigo & Mikro Papigo villages of Zagori

Papigo – Mikro Papigo. Designated traditional villages of Zagori, with a developed tourism infrastructure and woodcraft workshop.

They are two of the most popular villages of the Zagori region and are located within the national park of Vikos-Aoos (altitude 960 m). The two villages which are the starting point for excursions in wonderful natural scenery are connected by a trail.

The trail passes by "Ovires" or "Rogova", two small, natural lakes suitable for swimming in the summer. They also offer a view to Astraka, the peak of mount Timfi, while the underground cave “Provatina” in the area is the second deepest in the world. The elementary school in Papigo houses the well-organized Zagori Nature and Culture Information Centre. They are located 59 and 61.5 km NW of Ioannina respectively.

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Access to Papigo from the town of Ioannina as well as from other areas of the prefecture is easy and quick through the existing road network. Route Map. The road route from Ioannina to Papigo. The distance in kilometers and time that you will need to get there

There are regular bus routes (KTEL) to all regions or the prefecture as well as other capitals.

There are also routes to the island of Ioannina all year round.

You can also reach Ioannina by airplane. The flight lasts 45'.
For destination to Thessaloniki there are flights during the week with a flight duration of 35'.
Ioannina airport is 4km far from the center.

For your convenience, you can use the route map on the field “Routes” with information about the mileage, the time you need and the route you will follow, selecting the points of interest.


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For your stay in Ioannina, you can book a room in one of the hotels and Bed & Breakfast inns. In Ioannina town, as well...

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