Neos Marmaras of Halkidiki

The most cosmopolitan and vibrant town of Sithonia, on the second peninsula of Halkidiki, Neos Marmaras, only 125 km from Thessaloniki, combines uniquely the sea and mountains and the romantic walks with the frantic fun. A tree-lined path unfolds parallel to the sea, giving to visitor a unique view of the amphitheatrically built Neos Marmaras and of Kelyfos Island, shaped like a tortoise.

The four natural bays, succeeding one another, are the main pillars of the settlement.
At the first bay there are old taverns, where the taste of fresh fish competes with the feeling of salt from the sea, which almost touches the feet, as the tables are next to the sea.

The most cafes and restaurants in the area, however, are located at the next two natural bays, where also the port of the village is and on two hills near the sea are distinguished the elementary school and the church of the Archangels.

The main occupations of the inhabitants are related to tourism, while a significant proportion of the population is engaged in fishing and agriculture.
The guests can find many small and large stores as banks, pharmacies and clinics as well as coffee bars, restaurants and nightclubs to suit all needs and desires. The shops of Neos Marmaras offer variety in all kinds of daily necessities, while in the folk art stores you will find gifts for friends and relatives but also plenty of memorabilia that will remind you the visit to this wonderful area.
The accommodation options vary. You can find apartments overlooking the sea of the nearby beaches but also the forest, and rooms in the village, from where the sunset and the sunrise from Toroneos Bay are unique.

The beach of Neos Marmaras, where are the beach bars and the taverns, starts from the last bay and extends to the largest hotel complex in Halkidiki, the famous Porto Karras, where there is a golf course, marina of high capacity and a casino for lovers of gambling.

Also, it is worth mentioning that next to Neos Marmaras, there is also the second largest vineyard in the world, from which are produced excellent wine varieties, these of Porto Karras.
The guests can enjoy a swim in the many pristine beaches. Apart from the two main beaches, on the northern side is Paradisos beach and on the south is the homonymous beach that stretches all the way to Porto Karras, with Lagomandra, Agia Kyriaki, Koutsoupia, Azapiko, Kochi and many others beaches.

Beaches in Neos Marmaras:
Most beaches have been awarded with the Blue Flag.
North of Marmaras, the beaches have been exploited with good tourist infrastructure with dominant element the fine white sand.
South of Marmaras, after the area of Porto Karras, the beaches are difficult accessible and some of them are accessible only by the sea.

Important monuments, architectural monuments, and various Glebes (Parts of monasteries) that you should visit:

  • The main church of Marmaras "Panmegiston Taxiarchon"
  • The chapel of St. Stephen at Parthenonas
  • The Church of the Life Giving Fountain and the watermill of Konistis
  • The chapel of Prophet Elias on the hill top
  • The church of "St. Athanasius" at Parthenonas
  • The church of "St. George" at Azapiko beach
  • St. Kyriaki in Symmitiko area
  • The ruins of the Glebe in Tripotamos
  • The glebe of St. Gregory Monastery

Also visit:

  • Paschalaki Cultural Civic Center, which hosts the traditional local museum.
  • The Cultural Center of Parthenonas.
  • The nearby resort of Porto Karras
  • Villa Galini and the vineyards of Porto Karras
  • Casino of Porto Karras
  • Take one of the daily cruises to Athos Mount and see its monasteries.
  • Follow the tour of your choice to see Toroneos bay and its islands.

Local Products
When you find yourself in Neos Marmaras, taste the excellent local products, and buy some things when you leave, such as:

  • Olive - Oil
    The olive oil of Marmaras region has excellent characteristics, aroma, vitamins, great taste and is perfect for cooking, frying or just for eating raw and is the main agricultural product of the residents and is based on long tradition and experience.
  • Honey
    Despite the small production, the local honey is of high quality and the main kind is the pine-honey. There is also honey from heather and chestnut.
  • Wine
    Neos Marmaras region has the largest grape production in Halkidiki and the highlight representative is the winery of Porto Karras.
    The best known varieties of the region are:
    . Limnio: Produces wines of high level of spirit with special aroma and distinctive flavor.
    . Assyrtiko: Produces wines with a distinctive aroma, full body and acidity.
    . Roditis: Produces white wine with fruity aroma, body and finesse.
  • Fresh fish
    The fresh fish and the seafood in general are the most important and tastier dishes you can enjoy in the area, caught in Toroneos gulf waters or in the surrounding areas, which are rich in seafood.

Information, photos: Prefecture of Halkidiki